Coach Pirlo finds a way for Ronaldo to rest

Coach Andrea Pirlo wants striker Cristiano Ronaldo to recuperate in a few less important games, even though he is about to surpass Pele’s. “We have discussed the plan to keep Ronaldo,” Pirlo said after Juventus won Sampdoria in Serie A first round on the evening of September 20. “He is not tired yet, because the season has just started. But, I will let Ronaldo rest in less important games. Ronaldo is very smart and knows his body well. He knows when to rest.” .

Ronald missed many delicious opportunities, but also in time to set the score 3-0 against Sampdoria. In Dejan Kulusevski’s opener, Ronaldo also contributed to the shoe with a breakthrough ball blocked. Rookie Kulusevski praised Ronaldo after the game: “Ronaldo is great and I’m happy to be his teammate. When we were leading 2-0, he told me to keep attacking. He still wants to. score more goals “.

Ronaldo has scored 758 goals in his career, from a young age. He needed 10 and 15 more goals respectively to overcome the achievements of Pele and Romario. The scoring record belongs to Josef Bican with at least 805 goals, in the period of 1931-1956.
Because Juventus broke up with Gonzalo Higuain, and Paulo Dybala was injured, Ronaldo played as a striker in the 5-4-1 chart. Juventus reached an agreement with Roma to recruit 34-year-old striker Edin Dzeko to pair with Ronaldo.

Why did Messi’s old football trainer threaten to sue Barca?

Messi’s former trainer, Quique Setien, threatened to sue Barca in court after being sacked last month by the club for his poor performance during the season. Coach Quique Setien and 3 assistants Eder Sarabia, Jon Pascua, and Fran Soto threatened to sue Barca in court for not being treated fairly in the labor contract issue.

Barca fired coach Quique Stein’s team on August 18, just three days after the club lost to Bayern Munich 2-8 in the Champions League. But until yesterday, a full month after being fired ahead of schedule, Coach Setien and his aides still had not received the contractual compensation as agreed.

Barca fired coach Setien only 7 months after signing the contract

Barca did not send coach Setien the official contract termination document through burofax. But in a statement shared on Twitter, Coach Setien claimed to have sent the burofax to Barca late last month to request a settlement of the contract. Previously, Barca chose coach Koeman over Setien to lead the football club.

Barca fired coach Setien only 7 months after signing the contract

Mr. Setien urged, “the absolute silence of the club in the past month” clearly showed the intention of Barca’s board of directors to “not comply with the contract signed by the two sides on January 14, 2020”.

Barca’s delay made their former employees angry and forced to seek court help to reclaim their legitimate rights. The source of the AS revealed, Setien asked Barca to pay 4 million euros in compensation in the 2020/21 season.

Coach Setien will sue Barca in court for the compensation of the contract

Coach Setien will sue Barca in court for the compensation of the contract

However, this lawsuit will not affect coach Ronald Koeman leading Barca in the first match of the new season against Villarreal in La Liga. After the dismissal of coach Setien, Barca had a written notice sent to the Spanish Football Federation.

Therefore, the rules of La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation allow Barca to have the entire season to pay off debts for former employees. But Setien’s team of course did not accept that approach, so the two sides had to settle it in court.

Pirlo was voted the sexiest football trainer in Serie A league

Andrea Pirlo overcame many candidates to become the sexiest coach in Serie A according to votes from users of a dating website in Italy.

The dating website Joyclub in Italy opens a poll on who is the sexiest coach in Serie A. There are a total of 20 candidates, equivalent to the head coach of 20 clubs, 17 of whom are Italian.

With 23% of the votes, the head coach of Juventus, Andrea Pirlo, was the winner. Ruler born in 1979 as the youngest of the captains in Serie A this season. Pirlo has been known as a “rich son” since he was a player.

The family of former midfielder Pirlo is in the wine business with a turnover of hundred million euros. He liked the elegant style when he spent most of his career playing in the fashion capital of Milan.

Other positions in the list of top sexiest coach in Serie A

Second on the list is former AS Roma coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, with 15% of votes. He once helped Giallorossi create shock when he went upstream to beat Barca after a 1-4 defeat in the 2017/18 season. Military rulers born in 1969 currently lead Cagliari.

Di Francesco is known for his elegant dressing style among coaches in Italy. He always wore a dark suit, combined with a cardigan of the same tone underneath. Di Francesco is a rare type of coach in Italy pursuing attacking football with the inspiration of veteran military leaders Zdenek Zeman and Pep Guardiola.

The once monument of Italian football, Filippo Inzaghi, came in third with 14% of the votes. “Super Pippo” is currently the coach of Benevento, the team has just moved to Serie A this season.

Gennaro Gattuso ranked 4th with 10.17% of the votes. A Milanese legend is leading Napoli. He helped the San Paolo team win the 2019/20 Coppa Italy Championship after defeating Juventus in the final.

Paulo Fonseca (AS Roma) is the only non-Italian in this list. The Romanian military ruler received 7.2% of the votes. Fonseca came as Roma coach in the summer of 2019 and even helped “Wolves” to the fifth finish, but he was still not fired.

Fonseca rarely wears a non-complet suit on the pitch. He frequently uses dark colored sleeves to enhance his elegance. In the past, Fonseca wore a Zoro mask into the Champions League press conference room after helping Shakhtar Donetsk defeat Pep Guardiola’s Man City.

Ronaldo scored in the first game Pirlo as Juventus coach

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring when Juventus defeated Novara 5-0 in a friendly match in Turin on September 13.

Traveling on the training ground of Continassa Training Center on the afternoon of September 13, Rome is now the first time Andrea Pirlo, as head coach, directly directs Juventus first team to play. He started the team with the most powerful squad, in which Ronaldo played the striker pair with rookie Dejan Kulusevski.

Before the opponent who plays in Serie C, Juventus is not too difficult to impose the game, although their streak is still inert after the summer break. However, in the first half, they only scored one goal. Ronaldo is still the one who brings the mutation. 20 minutes, he received the ball from Adrien Rabiot and turned on the wall with Kulusevski, before penetrating the 16m50 area to end the stretch with one touch, lowering the opponent. Before and after this situation, the Portuguese striker also had many other moves and shots, but failed to find his way into the opponent’s goal.

Ronaldo played well, as he showed it to Portugal a few days ago, then reappeared today. I am satisfied with the way he moves, plays the ball easily, comfortably,” says Pirlo. told Sky Sports about the star striker.
After the break, Pirlo replaced seven consecutive positions, including the striker pair. With the pair Diego Costa – Marko Pjaca replaced on the front line, Juventus proved much more mobile. And the goal quickly came to the champions of Serie A. In the 56th minute, Costa hit the ball to eliminate most of the Novara’s defense so that Aaron Ramsey escaped to the far corner, doubling the score. Four minutes later, it was Pjaca’s turn to score, with two consecutive shots.

Continuing to replace a series of positions for testing, Juventus did not score any more goals in the remaining official time of the second half. But in just four minutes of injury time, they scored two more goals, thanks to Manolo Portanova, Italy’s U21 player, in the 91st and 93rd minutes.
“We are experimenting with a variety of human-tactical solutions. In the first half, a team with a four-player defense and depending on the situation can change to three. In the second half, we maintain a third However, I still need one more striker, as soon as possible.But the summer market is still long, until the end of October, so we still have time to search, “added Pirlo after the match.

Barca chose coach Koeman over Setien to lead Barca

Barca gave coach Quique Setien the sack just three days after losing to Bayern 2-8 in the Champions League. Many reputable sources also confirmed that Koeman would leave the Dutch team to lead Barca.

A few days ago, the Spanish media heard that the sports director Eric Abidal would also be sacked, after a series of failed transfers. But COPE reported on the evening of August 17 that President Josep Maria Bartomeu is still holding Abidal, at least in the current transfer window.

Setien is Barca’s fifth manager since 2012, following the departure of Pep Guardiola. Of these five, Luis Enrique was in office the longest – three years. He is also the only coach to help Barca win the Champions League. Ernesto Valverde sat in the hot seat for two and a half years. And Tito Vilanova and Gerardo Martino, each coaching for a year.

After only eight months of work, Setien was the first Barca coach to have no title at the Camp Nou in 17 years. The closest people to suffer this scene were Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, Carles Rexach, Louis Van Gaal, and Radomir Antic. All four rulers led Barca in the early 2000s when the club transferred generations from Guardiola, Sergi Barjuan, Luis Enrique to Xavi, Carles Puyol, and Victor Valdes.

Barca chose coach Koeman

Coach Ronald Koeman will lead Barca to replace Quique Setien, according to information from Sky Italy on the afternoon of August 17.

Koeman had to cancel his contract with the Netherlands to lead Barca

Pochettino is not popular with Barca players, including captain Lionel Messi. He used to lead Espanyol – a team in the same city as Barca. The Argentine military leader once told The Guardian in March 2017 that he would rather return home as a farmer than lead Barca.

Xavi also did not want to return as Barca coach at the current troubled time. In January, he also rejected an offer from the board of the old team. Xavi – currently leading Al Sadd Club – is considered the target of presidential candidate Victor Font. The next election for Barca President takes place in 2021.

Koeman played for Barca in the period 1989-1995. Even though he only played defenders and defensive midfielders, every season he scored at least 10 goals. He was an assistant at Barca in the 1998-2000 period. The 57-year-old coach has led the Netherlands since 2018.

Series of shocks at the Italian Grand Prix

Mercedes made a serious mistake with Hamilton, then Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri finished first in the race with a series of events in Monza on September 6.

The victory after twelve years of training for Alpha Tauri – formerly the Toro Rosso team – on the Monza race made the Italian Grand Prix 2020 one of the most memorable and shocking races in F1 history. The last time Red Bull’s B team won first place was at Monza when Sebastian Vettel scored.

Two times of safety cars appeared in a row at the end of the first half, pushing Mercedes into a difficult position and causing world champion Lewis Hamilton to make mistakes. The golden opportunity was placed on Gasly, who was once disgraced at Red Bull, and the 24-year-old French racer made full use of it, finishing first with 36 minutes 39,174 seconds.

The starting advantage with the outstanding W11 gives Hamilton easy control over the race and continuously increases the distance with the back group at the first third of the race. By the 20th round, the distance between the Mercedes star and the second runner, Carlos Sainz Jnr (McLaren), was more than 12 seconds.

The script at Spa-Francorchamps – where Hamilton won easily – last week seemed to repeat itself at Monza this week. Many spectators shook their heads in frustration when they watched the progress of the Italian Grand Prix. But as expected, the safe car suddenly appeared and completely reversed the whole situation.

In the 20th round, Kevin Magnussen’s car broke down and had to stay on the side of the track, the safety car was deployed to serve the cleaning. The safety vehicle appears just before the optimal time for pit racers. At this point, Mercedes made a mistake and caused Hamilton to lose his 90th victory when he called Hamilton to change the tire as soon as the safe car just went to the track without realizing that at that time the car was banned from the pit.

The referee’s note was signaled to the racers, but Hamilton was unsure of the signal received and radioed to the home team “I don’t see any lights at the entrance to the pit”. The Mercedes instructors replied, “Lewis, the notice is not on the way to the pit, but on the left-hand side and on the regular bulletin boards.” “Are you sure I ran through the signs? Really, I just noticed the right,” Hamilton replied. Then after pondering, Hamilton still decided to pit.

The British rider’s wrong judgment caused him to receive a penalty “Take the car to the pit and stop for 10 seconds before returning to the track”. The referees explained: “The pit door was closed at 15:41 minutes 47 seconds and Hamilton returned to the pit 12 seconds later, at 15:41, 59 seconds. announcements 16 and 17 on Turn 11 “.

How do football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 2)

Sufficient nutrients

Mix a variety of foods and make sure you have 4 food groups in your meals. Pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. In particular, players who go abroad to play should pay attention to ensure enough nutrition and food safety requirements.

Distribute meals properly

Meals required for the day include three main meals and two to three snacks. The days with competitive practice, the time to eat depends on the training and competition schedule. The snacks instead of meals before and immediately after the game, ensuring good stamina and recovery, including:

Pre-match meal, 2-4 hours practice

Eat plenty of carbohydrates (2 g carbohydrates/kg body weight). Eating less protein, less fat, and less fiber will help get enough glycogen for the muscles, helping the digestive system not to work too hard, not to have a heavy stomach or indigestion.

Meals immediately after competition and training

Eat and drink in the dressing room right after the end of an exercise or match, quickly recover the depleted glycogen in the body’s stores, helping to recover well when Enter the competition, a practice later. The main food is sugar powder with the amount of one gram of carbohydrates/kg/hour, fresh or dried fruit can be used, cakes, jam, milk.

Main meals after big matches

Eat enough as main meals, especially sugar. Usually, athletes who have just gone through a match lose a lot of strength, still tired, so it is difficult to swallow if the food is dry, hard, so the water can be changed to make it easy to eat such as hot pot, porridge, soup, enough vermicelli, pho, bread, drinking sugary fruit juice to have enough sugar.

Besides, to ensure the health to achieve good performance, athletes must pay attention to adequate water supply and be careful when taking medicine even as a tonic.

Mistakes should be avoided

Eating insufficiently, unbalanced nutritional components.

Not paying attention to meals before and after competition and practice, especially during the training period. This will reduce glycogen stores, reduce motor capacity because after exercising, glycogen stores are depleted, it takes time to recover, while right after competitive training is the time when the speed of recovery. supply fastest if provided enough. Besides, they should avoid not drinking enough water and drug abuse.

Lee Chong Wei retired because of cancer

In July 2018, the number one player in the world was diagnosed with stage 1 nasal cancer. He had to stop playing to go to Taiwan for treatment. Currently, Lee’s health is fully recovered, but doctors advise him not to exercise at high intensity to avoid cancer recurrence.

Therefore, after careful consideration, Lee Chong Wei retired at the age of 36. He ended a glorious career, but there are still some unattainable goals.

“Extremely difficult. I discussed with my family, with a heavy heart. But I have to stop, health is more important to me now.”

After receiving a consultation from a doctor in Japan last month, I had no other choice. The test results showed that I was not in enough physical condition for intense exercise.
My plan is to retire next year, when the Olympics are over. But I have to make that decision now. I want to thank everyone for their help and support. Thank you all,
“Lee Chong Wei retired, ending 19 years of his career with tears.

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 09: Chong Wei Lee of Malaysia competes in the Badminton Mixed Team gold medal event against Srikanth Kidambi of India on day five of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games at Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre on April 9, 2018 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

The 36-year-old competed at the Toan Anh badminton tournament in March and the Malaysia Open the following month, but such intentions could not come true. The Olympic gold medal, the noble title he missed after 3 missed attempts, could not be performed.
Retiring Lee Chong Wei is information that makes badminton fans very sad. He is a legendary badminton player from Malaysia and the world. After 19 years of playing, he has won a total of 69 titles. He has won 3 Olympic silver medals and finished 3 times in the world championship.

Lee Chong Wei retires, making the intention to reclaim the debt of the Gold Medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but her health does not allow it so she has to accept. At the same time, the rival Lindan is also very old and weak. Lindan is also very sad after the news that Lee Chong Wei is retiring.
It must also be added that the Olympics Men’s Singles Badminton Gold Medal is the pinnacle that every badminton player in the world is aiming for, is the benchmark for the comprehensiveness and level of a badminton player.

How football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 1)

An hour of training in football consumes from 416 to 678 kcal, so players need to eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods from rice, cereals, fruit.

An effective way to exercise for amateur players

According to Asiaone, studies show that nutrition plays a very important role in helping players increase the efficiency of training and competition as well as improving the intensity of fast, strong, endurance, mental stability, and judgment.

Good nutrition also helps athletes recover well after training and competition. It helps reduce injuries and minor diseases, stabilize their performance. Especially, the players are still in development age, nutrition also helps develop height, optimal muscle mass. Besides, properly drinking water during training in football is also important.

The formulation of nutritional menus for athletes depends on each individual, specific time, age, body weight, playing position, the intensity of training, competition, weather… You need to comply with the following principles:

Enough energy

Energy helps maintain life and movement, helps build body, build good skeletal muscle structure. Energy for football athletes is equal to the total energy of normal people by age, gender, Activity levels add energy for training and competition.

An hour of soccer is estimated to cost between 416 and 678 kcal. Therefore, players need a diet rich in nutrients and energy.

The most important energy for exercise is sugar starch (carbohydrates) from rice, cereals, vermicelli, pho, noodles, pasta, bread, fruit. This mode helps muscles store glycogen, which is an important energy. for exercise should account for 60 to 70% of the energy diet.

Carbohydrates are easily absorbed, heat quickly, and consume less oxygen. Research shows that to burn one g of carbohydrates only 0.83 liters of oxygen are needed, while one g lipid requires 2.03 liters of oxygen, one g of protein requires 0.97 liters of oxygen.

In particular, carbohydrates are beneficial for sports performance by their ability to provide energy by metabolism even in the absence of oxygen. When Eating in the body, carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the bloodstream throughout the organs, partly converted to glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, the main energy for movement.

Hanako Kawasaki: the female golfer holding the most national championship titles in Vietnam

With the title of the VLAO 2020 championship last month, the female golfer with two Vietnamese and Japanese bloodlines Hanako Kawasaki is expected to help Vietnam golf shorten the gap in the international arena.

Hanako đang là trụ cột của golf nữ Việt Nam /// Ảnh: Duy Dương

In this tournament, with an impressive performance of -3 strokes, an achievement that no Vietnamese female golfer has achieved, earned Hanako the 7th national championship title after 5 years of playing in the arena. domestic. Previously, there were the championships of the women’s national Open championship in 2016, 2018, the youth championship of the national Open 2017, 2019, the national resistance championship 2017, 2018, with 3 very impressive championships.
The first impression was in 2017 at the VJO National Youth Championship, which played for 3 days, with the difficulty of the golf course meets the standard for World Amateur Golf Ranking. Hanako has a glorious victory over foreign golfers and is registered on the world rankings for the first time.

Hanako Kawasaki: golfer nữ nắm giữ nhiều danh hiệu vô địch quốc gia nhất Việt Nam - ảnh 1

The second impression is that at the 2018 VLAO Women’s National Championship, Hanako competed with the spirit of “martial arts” to win the championship despite having a wrist injury on the first day of competition and overcoming the golfer. top women in Vietnam such as Nguyen Thao My, Doan Xuan Khue Minh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung and world-ranking golfers from Hong Kong or the Philippines.
Hanako’s third impression was at the VJO 2018 youth tournament when she isolated a record score of -8 strokes in a round, this is an unprecedented record score that has never had any golfer in Vietnam. score in 1 round. With such remarkable achievements, Hanako Kawasaki was awarded the Vietnam Golf Awards – the 2019 amateur female golfer of the year organized by VGA and VTC Cab.