Taufik Hidayat- genius walks on the rope

“I told you so. If Taufik says he will win, he will surely be able to do it, ”an Indonesian reporter shouted with excitement amid the cheering crowd in the Aspire Hall 3. It was the 2006 Asian Games in Doha. , Olympic champion, Taufik, has just defeated World Champion Lin Dan in a tough final. One day earlier, Taufik confidently asserted to his fellow journalist that he would bring the gold medal to Indonesia.

Taufik Hidayat, thiên tài đi trên dây

At its peak, Taufik was able to command his destiny. The opponent who is just a background in the show of the tennis player is like a talented artist because of the graceful and elegant playing style and extremely stimulating for the viewers in the stands. Badminton in the world still refers to the four pillars Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), Lin Dan (China), Peter Gade (Denmark), Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia), but Taufik is a distinct color compared to the other three. He brings a special feeling to the audience but himself is dominated by pressure from the stands, something that is not allowed to happen to a world-class player.

Taufik Hidayat

“Taufik is the most talented player I’ve ever seen. But he has no determination. You do not know if he really wants to play or not. I never dared to bet on Taufik. If excited, he can win against any opponent. But if he gets impatient, he will lose. I practiced every day without losing my interest in badminton. But I cannot force Taufik to practice like me, because it will kill his imagination and love of badminton, ”said Erland Kops, the great player of the 1960s talking about the Indonesian juniors

Taufik retired in 2013, but in fact he was no longer fit after 2007. The relatively short peak period of the player born in 1981 is explained by many reasons. First, because Taufik emerged too early as a child prodigy at the age of 17. At the age of 23, Taufik won a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and a year later became world champion. The most prolific of Taufik belongs to the first 10 years of his career when he was dubbed the “Holy backhand” with the special way is the sorrowful backhand smash, each reaching a record speed of 305km / h at the 2006 World Championship. Four legendary pillars of the badminton village, only Taufik and Peter Gade own both the Olympic gold medal and the world championship.
Taufik’s biggest problem is that the mind is easily moved. The Indonesian legend is prone to psychological pressure from the stands, by an external factor that often only makes it difficult for an amateur tennis player. Taufik’s greatest asset was purely unrivaled skill, but it had to bear a body of not really abundant, an unstable psychology and mood swings up and down. At the Danish Open 2011, the Indonesian admitted: “I play with my heart. If I get excited, I will play well. But if you don’t want to, it will be the most unlucky thing for me. Badminton is sometimes boring. ”

Klopp promised to help all students receive medals

Coach Jurgen Klopp will help the reserve players make five full appearances in the Premier League – the condition to receive a medal for the championship team.

As a rule, each Premier League champion team receives 40 medals. They are given to the coaching staff, who play at least five times during the season. If leftover, the club will use it to pay tribute to the players they deem worthy.

Klopp won his first national championship with Liverpool

This season, Liverpool have three young players Neco Williams, Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott have just made two appearances. In addition, two reserve goalkeepers for Alisson Becker, Andy Lonergan and Caoimhin Kelleher, have not yet played a minute. With the remaining six matches, they are eligible for a reward, if Klopp uses all his substitution rights.

Dissatisfied with the 40-medal limit rule for champions, but Klopp agrees that only those who deserve this award. “We still go on the pitch to win. We cannot treat the remaining games as gifts for young players like Christmas,” he said. “I will still choose the right team and the best players.”

Liverpool had to wait for the Premier League to return after a three-month delay due to Covid-19. At that time, they led the second team Man City 25 points but still worried about the tournament being canceled. The first English championship in 30 years was a reward for Klopp’s teachers and students in a season they were overwhelming and had just lost one game in 31 rounds.

Klopp has led Liverpool since 2015, replacing Brendan Rodgers. He and his students reached the final of the Champions League 2018, but lost to Real Madrid 1-3. That same season, they came second in the Premier League. A year later, Liverpool reached the Champions League final again, and this time it was a joy to beat Tottenham.

Coach Jurgen Klopp said that the Liverpool player is not smart enough to take advantage of the gap, in the Everton draw of June 21.

Liverpool only launched 10 shots in the Everton 0-0 draw, despite controlling the ball 70% of the time. The Mane star didn’t even get a shot. The most dangerous chance of the game belonged to Everton, when Tom Davies hit the post in the 80th minute.

The 10 most famous football coaches in the world (Part 1)

Football is really the favorite sport of the world. Besides talented players with diverse playing styles, the coach is the one who contributes to the success of football.

The 10 most famous coaches in the world below are all formidable names. They have left many achievements in their career. Let’s learn about them!

1. Vicente del Bosque

In the 2010s, tiqui-taqua was famous, considered the pinnacle of football. At this time, Pep Guardiola is remembered as the most successful tiqui-taqua manipulator. They forgot that it was Vicente del Bosque that brought Spain’s national team to the top of the football world thanks to tiqui-taqua.

Vicente Del Bosque began his career with Castilla before coming to Real Madrid. Having won the World Cup and won the Champions League twice, and twice topped the La Liga, Vincente is truly the greatest coach in the world.

2. Pep Guardiola

Originally a Barcelona player, Pep Guardiola became the club’s head coach. Here, his talent helped the club thrive.

The combination of the attacking football philosophy and the great technique of Spain has created the tiqui-taqua, also known as the outstanding football, turned out beautifully. Thanks to this technique, he helped Barcelona win a series of prestigious football cup.

3. Sir Alex Ferguson

This is truly the most famous monument in football village of the 20th century. Throughout his career, Sir Alex has won 13 league championships in England. Among them, 8 times were in the period from 2000 to 2013.

Perhaps any of us can imagine the greatness of this coach’s career. After he retired in 2013, it was easy to see that Manchester United had been slipping. In particular, Sir Alex’s personality is also appreciated. The old students still give him extremely special teachers and students.

4. Zinedine Zidane

Starting his career in 2014, this coach quickly enrolled in the top coaches in the world. Before starting his career, he was also an illustrious player with many noble titles.

Despite his young age, Zinedine Zidane has scored many good impressions. Currently, Zinedine is highly expected by experts and fans. With a very young age, he promises to make even more surprises in football.

Joshua and Fury will fight to determine the absolute champion

The fists Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury unified will be competing to find the “genuine king” of a heavy boxing village.
No official documents have been signed yet. But representatives of the two boxers confirmed that the competition will be held in 2021. Both hold 4 heavyweight boxing championships in the world, and the competition is considered the biggest match in history. British boxing.
The final terms of the organization contract are being negotiated with Fury by Eddie Hearn, Joshua‘s boss. The split of profits from the game is considered the key. Representatives of the two fighters shared with ESPN both sides agreed to split 50-50. The problem now is only the television rights and venue of the match.


It is likely that both matches will not take place in England because of legal procedures when Fury has not been re-granted a license in the country of fog. The location was chosen maybe the Middle East or Las Vegas
It is still too early to confirm the venue. They are English and it is clear that the game will make sense if it is held in England. But many places want to host this competition. We are here.” We will look carefully before making a decision, “Hearn said.
Both Fury and Joshua have plans for their own matches in the near future. If they win, the battle between these two fists will find the absolute champion of the world heavyweight boxing village.


Highlights Fury unleashed a Wilder knockout after 7 innings On February 23, the British puncher dominated the match against Wilder and won the WBC belt convincing when he won the knockout out in the 7th half.

Anthony Davis surged from 1.88 m to 2.08 m in 18 months

NBA history is no shortage of players with incredible height gains, but Anthony Davis is a special case. The 27-year-old made the press spend “ink and paper” for years on the story of miraculous height increase and comprehensive play.

Anthony Davis cao dot bien anh 1

Davis initially played a coordinated defender position (PG) with a height of 1.88 m when he turned 15. With a tough basketball environment like in the US, Davis was forced to practice defender play, if he wants to pursue level professional level. The average height of a defender in the NBA is about 1.9 m, while the vanguard (SF) is more than 2 m.
Davis began to experience a dramatic change in physical condition and reached a threshold of 2 m in the middle of the age of 17. He then reached the 2.08 m mark in early 19 years. Similar to Dwight Howard and David Robinson, Davis maintains her speed when she owns a huge height.
Although tall, Davis still showed flexibility in movement during the competition. However, Davis had to give up the position of coordinating defender forte to switch to play the main frontier (PF) and center-forward (C), because he was now the tallest player in the team.
Davis learned his basketball skills and got used to the hard collisions with other great players. He quickly adapted to his new position, perfected his kit skills against the basket and became a terror for his final year of high school.
From receiving a Cleveland State University scholarship, Davis became the most sought after high school player in the United States. In 2011, Davis joined the University of Kentucky basketball team.
Davis led Kentucky to the NCAA Division 1 championship (America’s highest-ranked student basketball tournament) with an average of 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.7 blocks in 40 matches. Impressive form helped Davis be selected first place by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Anthony Davis cao dot bien anh 2

Davis retains all qualities and skills of a coordinated defender, even when switching to playing near the basket. “Excellent counter-attack, agility, block (block), excellent rebound and sub-point scoring. Davis can also lead the ball, pass and throw in front of the opponent. He is about to throw 3 points”, Former New Orleans Pelicans coach Monty Williams commented on Davis in 2014.
Anthony Davis with the defender’s skill set makes it difficult for NBA strikers to defend in defense. Photo: Getty Images.
Despite being a leading striker, Davis worked hard on his stuffing and throwing skills. He is the most difficult defender in the tournament when he can receive the ball to throw or break from outside the 3-point mark.
The ability to play fully in Davis’s style of play is what makes the Lakers accept Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and 3 votes to select players in the first round in the NBA Draft later to Pelicans to bring him home. Currently, Davis is the top star in the NBA. He averaged 24 points, 10.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in 521 matches after 8 seasons in the NBA.
“Anthony Davis is the defender inside the body of the striker. He dominates the area under the basket, while retaining the defender’s quality,” Business Insider wrote.

Mourinho revives Tottenham after the pandemic

The outbreak of the disease inadvertently gave Jose Mourinho the chance to revive Tottenham – something he thought was no longer in the pre-outbreak period.

Mourinho was happy during the last training session of Tottenham on June 18, before playing Man Utd in the 30th Premier League.

People are still used to the dark atmosphere Jose Mourinho brings, but not now, when the Premier League returns to play. The Portuguese leader did not hide his confidence and optimism about Tottenham’s prospects – something no one dared to dream when the tournament halted because Covid-19 broke out three months ago.

The days of continuous football in a “mini-season” style, with no upcoming fans, is unthinkable when Mourinho was appointed in November 2019. But the break reluctantly gave “Special People” a life buoy. The remaining nine matches are not merely about whether Tottenham will enter the Champions League next season or not.

That’s the answer to the question

Will chairman Lev Levi’s decision to fire Mauricio Pochettino and appoint Mourinho seven months ago? It was the biggest gamble of Levy’s career and he was not at the top door, when Tottenham were eighth. But the position can still be overturned.

The focus of course still revolves around Mourinho – who came to Tottenham with a chipped reputation. The failure in the third season and being fired at Christmas under almost identical scenarios at Chelsea and Man Utd made many people unable to come to the conclusion: Mourinho is out of time.

Tactics no longer match the trend of the times, the methods to encourage generals more harm than the generation of young players, the nearest example is the conflict with Paul Pogba at Old Trafford.

Tottenham started February in a positive fashion with three straight victories, the most rewarding being a 2-0 victory over defending champion Man City. But what happened after that was a nightmare: six matches without a win and being eliminated from both the FA Cup and Champions League.

It is Mourinho’s familiar style, which is also the leadership style that makes young players upset at the two teams he worked before. This time Tottenham is no exception. The players were shocked to see the teacher ready to “chop up” the team in front of public opinion.

Already knocked out of the Cup and falling to 8th on the scoreboard, Mourinho’s comments made the atmosphere at Tottenham tighter than the strings. Things are so bad that it feels like Mourinho can be fired anytime without waiting for the third season.

Exercise in tennis

Tennis is a physical competition, so the fitness and fullness of toughness is a prerequisite for beginners to learn tennis.
Learning tennis is like any other sport, you can train your fitness well. But remember, you need to be able to play tennis, not tennis to get fitness, so fitness is always a prerequisite if you want to start learning tennis.
Doing the following exercises may help you improve your wrist, forearm and fist strength, improve your ability to learn well and learn this sport quickly. Increase the strength of the wrist and the stroke of the forearm
Hand in hand. Place your hand on the crossbar or bench, so that the underside of your wrist rests on the crossbar, the forearm parallel to the ground. Release your wrists so your hands are facing down.
Using the muscles of the forearm to control this movement, lift weights as high as possible. Hold for 2 seconds, then return to the original position. Repeat with the other hand.

Increase the strength of the forearm
Hold your hand in your hand, Place your groin on the crossbar or bench, so that the top of your wrist rests on the crossbar. Forearms parallel to the ground. Release your wrists to make the wrist joints open.
Only use the muscles of your forearm to lift weights as high as possible. Hold for 2 seconds, then return to the original position. Repeat with the other hand.

Increase fist strength
Hold the tennis ball tightly in your hand. Squeeze it. Hold for 2 seconds then release slowly for 2 seconds. Repeat.

Lời khuyên vàng giúp bạn chơi tennis như một người chuyên nghiệp

The first way to gain greater power is to improve your technique. Sometimes, we’re surprised at how a 10 or 12-year-old can hit a lot harder than adults. This is due to the precise polishing mechanism. Those shots are all thanks to the practice of a long time and they can really hit the ball through the proper weight movement. The timing of a shot is perfect.
These things can be practiced. However, in order to relearn each shot correctly, you must be willing to spend time, effort, and patience with your progress. Adults often learn at a slower pace than children.
You must be ready to look like a beginner again, given to be polished from a basket or a ball machine. But this time, instead of just trying to get the ball through the net, try hitting it as hard shots as possible. If the ball doesn’t go where you want it, analyze what you’re doing wrong.

Basketball techniques that are needed to be trained in playing basketball

Basketball is a difficult technique that requires a lot of requirements but it is also the goal of basketball players from the movement level, semi-professional to professional sportsmen. So what are the factors needed to successfully perform a dunk?

Dunk technique in basketball means that the player jumps up and presses the ball into the basket with his hand. Another popular concept that is also related to basketball is Slam Dunk. This is the action when the player jumps up high, then slams the basket with the hand (Slam), with both hands or only one hand. It can be said that this is an indispensable technique when playing professional basketball.

Put simply, this basketball playing technique is basically “holding the ball into the basket”. It sounds easy at first but it is not simple to want to succeed.

First, it is important to know that the standard height from the rim of the basket to the ground is 3m05. This is the standard height applied when playing and is prescribed from the time the basketball was born in 1891.

With a height up to a basketball hoop more than 3m, of course the fitness issue plays a very important role.

To overcome the limitations of bodybuilding, athletes who want to baskets successfully need to focus on the resilience and technique.


If you do not have a good height, you need to have good rebound. Therefore, athletes are always looking for ways to improve their resilience through exercises to make the goal easier.

A good rebound is to turn really high, very fast. If you want to do that, then of course you have to be really ideal. An overweight or underweight person is unlikely to have the power to turn up well enough to perform a basketball shot. Because facing the basket means bringing the ball from above into the basket, which means you have to turn high enough to reach the ball high on the rim of the basket.

But not every high turn will be upside down the basket, it is like in football, not every strong shot will bring the ball to the goal. You need to have both techniques. Basketball is one of the most difficult moves in basketball techniques.

Casemiro – Real’s eternal engine

In the middle of a pompous Real artist, Casemiro still proved its value, becoming an irreplaceable factor of Zinedine Zidane.
Due to Covid-19, the 2020 summer transfer season is not known when it will begin. But from this moment on, Real fans were able to rub their hands in satisfaction on a signature. According to Marca, midfielder Casemiro has extended his contract with the Bernabeu owner until 2023, when he was 31 years old. For Real and especially Zinedine Zidane, successfully holding Casemiro is like a blockbuster contract.

More than anyone else, Zizou understands the importance of the Brazilian midfielder with the success of Real.

Casemiro là một trong những nhân tố quan trọng nhất để Zidane xây dựng lối chơi của Real. Ảnh: EFE.

Real’s second position is currently in La Liga, with two points less than Barca’s top team, with no small contribution from Casemiro. The defensive midfielder played 25 matches in the 2019-2020 season, contributing three goals and two assists. The above figures do not fully reflect the value of Casemiro, because he is the last stop of the Real midfield with the role of intercepting and recovering the ball.
According to WhoScored, Casemiro is the number one Real player in La Liga with an average score of 7.54 on a 10-point scale. On the La Liga level, Casemiro is second only to two stars Luis Suarez (7.6) and Lionel Messi (8.6) of Barca. On average, Casemiro has an average of 3.3 tackles, 3 disputes, and 2.1 successful interventions. The player nicknamed “Chariot” is one of three Real people, besides Raphael Varane and Dani Carvajal, into the “Typical Team of 2019” rather than the expensive stars in attack.
Having Casemiro on the field, the teammates can be assured of the defensive front. In an article in The Player’s Tribune, defender tends to attack Marcelo grateful to fellow compatriots: “Like Cannavaro before, Casemiro helped me to be free when offered. He always told me: ‘Go ahead. “Marcelo, let me take care of this.” This guy saved my life. With Casemiro by my side, I can play football until I’m 45 years old. “
In the past four years, three consecutive Champions League titles from 2016 to 2018 and the La Liga 2016-2017 title of Real are associated with Cristiano Ronaldo’s important goals. But besides that, the three-man midfield including Casemiro – Toni Kroos – Luka Modric also played an equally important role. It is no coincidence that this trio is also the last three games in the “Best Midfielder in Europe” poll in the 2016-2017 season.

Bên cạnh khâu càn quét giữa sân, Casemiro còn lợi hại với các pha băng lên sút xa, như khi nã tung lưới Juventus ở chung kết Champions League 2017. Ảnh: AP.

Not only important to the club, Casemiro is also a pillar of the national team. On his way to the Copa America 2019 championship, he featured in six of the seven matches. The only time he didn’t play was the quarter-final against Paraguay, for a penalty. So far, many fans still regret that the midfielder in 1992 could not play in the quarter-final match against Belgium at the 2018 World Cup. Without him on the field, Brazil lost certainty in the midfield when Fernandinho was replaced. failed to stop the Belgian stars.

Manchester United’s coaches from past to present (Part 2)

5. Herbert Bamlett

Herbert Bamlett is an arbiter who has been a Manchester coach for 4 years. But the performance of MU under the coach’s time is limited when the team cannot pass 12th place in the first division. The 1930-1931 season, MU dropped without braking and at that time coach Herbert Bamlett was also fired.

6. Walter Crickmer

With 38 years as a secretary, Walter Crickmer has replaced Herbert Bamlett as Mu’s coach twice in the periods 1931-1932 and 1937-1945. During his time at the club, Walter Crickmer did not win a title and he left in 1958 after an unfortunate accident in Munich.

7. Scott Duncan (1932-1937)

The next coach of MU is Scott Duncan is expected a lot but in reality he can do nothing for MU.

8. Coach Sir Alex Ferguson led Mu from 1986 – 2013

Coach Sir Alex Ferguson is like a solid wall at Old Traffod Stadium, he is the most successful coach in English football history when leading Manchester.

The titles that he brought back to MU are very respectable. It is also one of the most popular MU coaches.

Have you ever wondered how many years Alex Ferguson led MU? Join us to learn about the biography, achievements and career process during the time associated with this Manchester United Red Devils team. This will be useful information that you are interested in when you love and understand more about the history of football.

9. David Moyes (2013-2014)

After Ferguson retired, David Moyes sat on the club head coach Mu club and helped the team win the 20th FA Cup. However, after failing to help the team to win tickets to his C1 Cup. was fired.

10. Manchester United coach – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is a truly talented coach and is expected to bring new winds to Manchester United. Regardless of the expectations of the fans, in the first season of leading MU, he helped MU get two titles, the British League Cup and the Europa League, and also contributed to promoting the spirit of MU back to the cup arena. C1.

Above are the MU coaches we updated over the years hoping that you have increased your understanding of these coaches.