Why did Messi’s old football trainer threaten to sue Barca?

Messi’s former trainer, Quique Setien, threatened to sue Barca in court after being sacked last month by the club for his poor performance during the season. Coach Quique Setien and 3 assistants Eder Sarabia, Jon Pascua, and Fran Soto threatened to sue Barca in court for not being treated fairly in the labor contract issue. […]

Pirlo was voted the sexiest football trainer in Serie A league

Andrea Pirlo overcame many candidates to become the sexiest coach in Serie A according to votes from users of a dating website in Italy. The dating website Joyclub in Italy opens a poll on who is the sexiest coach in Serie A. There are a total of 20 candidates, equivalent to the head coach of […]

Barca chose coach Koeman over Setien to lead Barca

Barca gave coach Quique Setien the sack just three days after losing to Bayern 2-8 in the Champions League. Many reputable sources also confirmed that Koeman would leave the Dutch team to lead Barca. A few days ago, the Spanish media heard that the sports director Eric Abidal would also be sacked, after a series […]

How do football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 2)

Sufficient nutrients Mix a variety of foods and make sure you have 4 food groups in your meals. Pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. In particular, players who go abroad to play should pay attention to ensure enough nutrition and food safety requirements. […]

How football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 1)

An hour of training in football consumes from 416 to 678 kcal, so players need to eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods from rice, cereals, fruit. An effective way to exercise for amateur players According to Asiaone, studies show that nutrition plays a very important role in helping players increase the efficiency of training and […]

Hanako Kawasaki: the female golfer holding the most national championship titles in Vietnam

With the title of the VLAO 2020 championship last month, the female golfer with two Vietnamese and Japanese bloodlines Hanako Kawasaki is expected to help Vietnam golf shorten the gap in the international arena. In this tournament, with an impressive performance of -3 strokes, an achievement that no Vietnamese female golfer has achieved, earned Hanako […]