Basketball is a difficult technique that requires a lot of requirements but it is also the goal of basketball players from the movement level, semi-professional to professional sportsmen. So what are the factors needed to successfully perform a dunk?

Dunk technique in basketball means that the player jumps up and presses the ball into the basket with his hand. Another popular concept that is also related to basketball is Slam Dunk. This is the action when the player jumps up high, then slams the basket with the hand (Slam), with both hands or only one hand. It can be said that this is an indispensable technique when playing professional basketball.

Put simply, this basketball playing technique is basically “holding the ball into the basket”. It sounds easy at first but it is not simple to want to succeed.

First, it is important to know that the standard height from the rim of the basket to the ground is 3m05. This is the standard height applied when playing and is prescribed from the time the basketball was born in 1891.

With a height up to a basketball hoop more than 3m, of course the fitness issue plays a very important role.

To overcome the limitations of bodybuilding, athletes who want to baskets successfully need to focus on the resilience and technique.


If you do not have a good height, you need to have good rebound. Therefore, athletes are always looking for ways to improve their resilience through exercises to make the goal easier.

A good rebound is to turn really high, very fast. If you want to do that, then of course you have to be really ideal. An overweight or underweight person is unlikely to have the power to turn up well enough to perform a basketball shot. Because facing the basket means bringing the ball from above into the basket, which means you have to turn high enough to reach the ball high on the rim of the basket.

But not every high turn will be upside down the basket, it is like in football, not every strong shot will bring the ball to the goal. You need to have both techniques. Basketball is one of the most difficult moves in basketball techniques.