In the middle of a pompous Real artist, Casemiro still proved its value, becoming an irreplaceable factor of Zinedine Zidane.
Due to Covid-19, the 2020 summer transfer season is not known when it will begin. But from this moment on, Real fans were able to rub their hands in satisfaction on a signature. According to Marca, midfielder Casemiro has extended his contract with the Bernabeu owner until 2023, when he was 31 years old. For Real and especially Zinedine Zidane, successfully holding Casemiro is like a blockbuster contract.

More than anyone else, Zizou understands the importance of the Brazilian midfielder with the success of Real.

Casemiro là một trong những nhân tố quan trọng nhất để Zidane xây dựng lối chơi của Real. Ảnh: EFE.

Real’s second position is currently in La Liga, with two points less than Barca’s top team, with no small contribution from Casemiro. The defensive midfielder played 25 matches in the 2019-2020 season, contributing three goals and two assists. The above figures do not fully reflect the value of Casemiro, because he is the last stop of the Real midfield with the role of intercepting and recovering the ball.
According to WhoScored, Casemiro is the number one Real player in La Liga with an average score of 7.54 on a 10-point scale. On the La Liga level, Casemiro is second only to two stars Luis Suarez (7.6) and Lionel Messi (8.6) of Barca. On average, Casemiro has an average of 3.3 tackles, 3 disputes, and 2.1 successful interventions. The player nicknamed “Chariot” is one of three Real people, besides Raphael Varane and Dani Carvajal, into the “Typical Team of 2019” rather than the expensive stars in attack.
Having Casemiro on the field, the teammates can be assured of the defensive front. In an article in The Player’s Tribune, defender tends to attack Marcelo grateful to fellow compatriots: “Like Cannavaro before, Casemiro helped me to be free when offered. He always told me: ‘Go ahead. “Marcelo, let me take care of this.” This guy saved my life. With Casemiro by my side, I can play football until I’m 45 years old. “
In the past four years, three consecutive Champions League titles from 2016 to 2018 and the La Liga 2016-2017 title of Real are associated with Cristiano Ronaldo’s important goals. But besides that, the three-man midfield including Casemiro – Toni Kroos – Luka Modric also played an equally important role. It is no coincidence that this trio is also the last three games in the “Best Midfielder in Europe” poll in the 2016-2017 season.

Bên cạnh khâu càn quét giữa sân, Casemiro còn lợi hại với các pha băng lên sút xa, như khi nã tung lưới Juventus ở chung kết Champions League 2017. Ảnh: AP.

Not only important to the club, Casemiro is also a pillar of the national team. On his way to the Copa America 2019 championship, he featured in six of the seven matches. The only time he didn’t play was the quarter-final against Paraguay, for a penalty. So far, many fans still regret that the midfielder in 1992 could not play in the quarter-final match against Belgium at the 2018 World Cup. Without him on the field, Brazil lost certainty in the midfield when Fernandinho was replaced. failed to stop the Belgian stars.