The story of pregnancy and childbirth hinders the career of female players

Alex Morgan was in the stands during Spurs’ 0-1 defeat to Man United last Saturday, pushing a pram carrying his lovely daughter Charlie. This 31-year-old mother is a former famous WSL player (the American women’s professional football league), whose performance is only inferior to the current Golden Ball Megan Rapinoe, a female player who has […]

Van de Beek is good at soccer due to his judo and badminton practice

The secrets behind the success of Van de Beek have just been “revealed” by the Dutch coach, Rene Wormhoudt on Sky Sports channel. Wormhoudt is currently a fitness coach in the Netherlands. Before that, he was the one who put the new training method into application at the Ajax furnace during the first half of […]

Koeman and Barca are in trouble again ahead of the new season

According to Marca, coach Ronald Koeman will not be able to direct Barcelona in the opening match against Villarreal in LaLiga on September 28. Specifically, the reason given is directly related to former Barcelona coach Quique Setien.According to the El Partidazo de COPE report, the Catalan team has yet to settle a compensation package after […]

How do football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 2)

Sufficient nutrients Mix a variety of foods and make sure you have 4 food groups in your meals. Pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. In particular, players who go abroad to play should pay attention to ensure enough nutrition and food safety requirements. […]

How football players eat to have sufficient nutrients for training? (Part 1)

An hour of training in football consumes from 416 to 678 kcal, so players need to eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods from rice, cereals, fruit. An effective way to exercise for amateur players According to Asiaone, studies show that nutrition plays a very important role in helping players increase the efficiency of training and […]

How should a football player drink water during training?

Athletes drink 500 ml of water while the ball is rolling, during the match should drink from 150 to 200 ml every 15 minutes, divided into small sips. Experts affirm that rehydration is very important for sports players, especially long-term sports that require endurance like football. Such high-intensity movement of the body will generate a […]

Basketball techniques that are needed to be trained in playing basketball

Basketball is a difficult technique that requires a lot of requirements but it is also the goal of basketball players from the movement level, semi-professional to professional sportsmen. So what are the factors needed to successfully perform a dunk? Dunk technique in basketball means that the player jumps up and presses the ball into the […]