After identifying on the pitch under Liverpool and England, Steven Gerrard is affirming his talent on the Rangers coaching bench. After more than two years as head coach of Rangers, legendary No. 8 is experiencing the most successful period with a rich traditional Scottish team.

Under Gerrard’s leadership, Rangers took the lead in the Scottish league with 11 points more than rivals Celtic (despite playing more than 2 games). The team continues to advance in the National Cup and League Cup, topping Group D Europa League.

Steven Gerrard is making a name for himself in a career as a coach

Besides, Gerrard and his students also created the image of the victorious army or in other words a destructive machine. Since the 2020/21 season started, Ranger has only failed once. After 21 appearances, Gerrard’s teachers and students won 17 matches, drew 3 matches, and lost only one match.

Steven Gerrard is making a name for himself in a career as a coach

Rangers’ achievement is even more impressive. After 21 games, this team scored 54 goals, averaging 2.57 goals/game, including 8 goals against Hamilton a week ago.

It was the first time in 8 years that Rangers scored 8 goals in one match. The most important thing, however, was that the students responded to all of Gerrard’s requests in that destructive act.

On the defensive front, Rangers’ achievement is even more spectacular with 8 goals and 16 clean sheets kept. Even 4 pre-season friendly matches in July, Rangers also won without conceding a goal.

Unlike Mikel Arteta, Zinedine Zidane, or Andrea Pirlo, Gerrard did not take advantage of his illustrious reputation while playing football to seek opportunities to lead the big team.

Rangers have a long history, but this team has not won another Scottish Premier League title since 2011. Over the past decade, they have to rebuild after dropping to 4th place because of the financial crisis.

Gerrard probably wants to stay away from the spotlight, avoid judging, and accumulate experience in a small tournament. The Liverpool legend has returned Rangers fans their pride and their desire to conquer the Scottish championship once more.