With the title of the VLAO 2020 championship last month, the female golfer with two Vietnamese and Japanese bloodlines Hanako Kawasaki is expected to help Vietnam golf shorten the gap in the international arena.

Hanako đang là trụ cột của golf nữ Việt Nam /// Ảnh: Duy Dương

In this tournament, with an impressive performance of -3 strokes, an achievement that no Vietnamese female golfer has achieved, earned Hanako the 7th national championship title after 5 years of playing in the arena. domestic. Previously, there were the championships of the women’s national Open championship in 2016, 2018, the youth championship of the national Open 2017, 2019, the national resistance championship 2017, 2018, with 3 very impressive championships.
The first impression was in 2017 at the VJO National Youth Championship, which played for 3 days, with the difficulty of the golf course meets the standard for World Amateur Golf Ranking. Hanako has a glorious victory over foreign golfers and is registered on the world rankings for the first time.

Hanako Kawasaki: golfer nữ nắm giữ nhiều danh hiệu vô địch quốc gia nhất Việt Nam - ảnh 1

The second impression is that at the 2018 VLAO Women’s National Championship, Hanako competed with the spirit of “martial arts” to win the championship despite having a wrist injury on the first day of competition and overcoming the golfer. top women in Vietnam such as Nguyen Thao My, Doan Xuan Khue Minh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung and world-ranking golfers from Hong Kong or the Philippines.
Hanako’s third impression was at the VJO 2018 youth tournament when she isolated a record score of -8 strokes in a round, this is an unprecedented record score that has never had any golfer in Vietnam. score in 1 round. With such remarkable achievements, Hanako Kawasaki was awarded the Vietnam Golf Awards – the 2019 amateur female golfer of the year organized by VGA and VTC Cab.