Sufficient nutrients

Mix a variety of foods and make sure you have 4 food groups in your meals. Pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. In particular, players who go abroad to play should pay attention to ensure enough nutrition and food safety requirements.

Distribute meals properly

Meals required for the day include three main meals and two to three snacks. The days with competitive practice, the time to eat depends on the training and competition schedule. The snacks instead of meals before and immediately after the game, ensuring good stamina and recovery, including:

Pre-match meal, 2-4 hours practice

Eat plenty of carbohydrates (2 g carbohydrates/kg body weight). Eating less protein, less fat, and less fiber will help get enough glycogen for the muscles, helping the digestive system not to work too hard, not to have a heavy stomach or indigestion.

Meals immediately after competition and training

Eat and drink in the dressing room right after the end of an exercise or match, quickly recover the depleted glycogen in the body’s stores, helping to recover well when Enter the competition, a practice later. The main food is sugar powder with the amount of one gram of carbohydrates/kg/hour, fresh or dried fruit can be used, cakes, jam, milk.

Main meals after big matches

Eat enough as main meals, especially sugar. Usually, athletes who have just gone through a match lose a lot of strength, still tired, so it is difficult to swallow if the food is dry, hard, so the water can be changed to make it easy to eat such as hot pot, porridge, soup, enough vermicelli, pho, bread, drinking sugary fruit juice to have enough sugar.

Besides, to ensure the health to achieve good performance, athletes must pay attention to adequate water supply and be careful when taking medicine even as a tonic.

Mistakes should be avoided

Eating insufficiently, unbalanced nutritional components.

Not paying attention to meals before and after competition and practice, especially during the training period. This will reduce glycogen stores, reduce motor capacity because after exercising, glycogen stores are depleted, it takes time to recover, while right after competitive training is the time when the speed of recovery. supply fastest if provided enough. Besides, they should avoid not drinking enough water and drug abuse.