“Red Devils” have passed many coaches to lead to get like today. Many generations of famous coaches have led the team and brought remarkable respect to MU. Let’s review the coaches of the great MU immediately in the following article.

1. Ernest Mangnall

Not only that, Ernest Mangnall was also a great influence in the construction of the Old Trafford Stadium, dubbed the Theater of Dreams. It can be said, Ernest Mangnall is a very talented coach when in just five years (1903 – 1908) he brought Manchester United from the second division to the championship team in the English Premier League.

He helped MU win 2 Premier League trophies in 1908 and 1911, but with it was an FA Cup trophy.

2. Jack Robson – Prospective coach

After Ernest Mangnall retired for two years, the coach replaced Ernest Mangnall and became the head of Manchester United. However, the time he was a coach was also the time when the First World War broke out, besides, it had seriously affected the football of the world in general and of MU in particular.

However, Jack Robson’s Manchester still stuck with them in the first division, even though they didn’t have any more remarkable achievements. Until the 1922 season, MU could not play anymore, so he was relegated after exactly 7 months since Jack Robson left because of pneumonia.

3. John Chapman

John Chapman has been the manager of Manchester United since 1921. Like his previous colleague, coach John Chapman made a small contribution to MU being able to win the First Division and continue to reach the FA Cup semi-finals. But luckily, I didn’t really smile at the team because the team didn’t win any trophies in the lead time.

4. Clarence Hilditch

Clarence Hilditch was the first coach and player of MU left by John Chapman and left the team with significant holes. But ultimately, Hilditch’s training time is also short because there is only one season from 1926 to 1927 and there is no title for MU when he is leading Manchester United.