The match against Medvedev and Thiem took place hot from the first set. After four balanced games, Medvedev argued with the referee and that caused his mentality to lose stability. As a result, the Russian player lost 4 games immediately and lost 2-6 in set 1.
By the second set, Medvedev soon regained the advantage when he won a break in the first game. However, seasoned bravery helped Thiem reclaim a break in the 10th game, then brought the set to a tie-break series. Here, the second seed defeated the opponent 9-7, thereby increasing the score to 2-0.

Going to set 3, Medvedev was forced to win and like set 2, he soon took advantage of the point. However, once again Thiem showed her bravery in a spectacular escape, bringing set 3 back to the tie-break series and once again defeated the opponent.
Defeating Medvedev with the score 3-0, Dominic Thiem entered the American final for the first time. The Austrian player’s opponent in the last match was Zverev.

After the shock of Djokovic’s disqualification, the Grand Slam title has never come close to Next Gen players like in the US Open this year. Two of the most notable and also in top form players, Dominic Thiem and Daniil Medvedev will clash in the semi-final considered early final.

In the past, Thiem had 3 times to the final of the Grand Slam, but never won once. As for Medvedev, the Russian player was the US Open runner-up last year, after an unfortunate close defeat against Rafael Nadal.
Both Thiem and Medvedev’s path to the semi-finals is relatively easy. Even the third seed has not lost any set in this year’s tournament.