Brazilian coach Rafael Cordeiro has revealed to fans the hard work of legendary boxer Mike Tyson on the front steps with rival Roy Jones Jr on November 28 with a clip on the ring.

Mike Tyson has shown incredible speed and strength from his punches even though he is 54 years old and has retired since 2005.

“Steel boxer” Mike Tyson unleashed a straight punch, then bent down to avoid a quick hit while performing a smooth left hook with the punch of his right hand. Witnessing this clip made fans comment that Mike Tyson still showed he deserved a “monster” punch in heavy boxing.

Mike Tyson decided to rematch with Roy Jones Jr who also inspired other legendary boxers who had retired from their careers back to the ring. The latest is that legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya will wear gloves to return to play as a professional fighter, not just playing in performances or charity matches.

Oscar De La Hoya – a retired fighter since 2008 – announced that he would closely follow Mike Tyson’s rematch with Roy Jones Jr, even showing how Tyson defeated his opponent.
I wonder who will win when Mike Tyson plays against Roy Jones Jr“. In boxing, boxer Teofimo Lopez has proven that heavyweight fighters will easily beat their lower and lighter opponents. Always is, so I’ll have to choose Mike Tyson to win.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if Jones Jr beat Mike Tyson – the same way he has always done in his career, “boxer Oscar De La Hoya shared on his Instagram.