Coach Mourinho and Tottenham are sitting at the top of the Premier League table, and their early season’s success is not based solely on the tactical system.

Coach Mourinho and Tottenham have a dream start in the Premier League this season. After 9 rounds, the North London team is consistently ranked at the top of the rankings with 20 points, equal to defending champions Liverpool but ranked above thanks to the difference.

The Portuguese strategist has always reaped great success in his second season leading clubs, and the Tottenham fans have started to dream about it.

Mourinho is receiving absolute trust from Tottenham players

In addition to the sensible tactics, coach Mourinho’s understanding of the players, the unity in the dressing room, and the good atmosphere on the training ground are key to bringing Tottenham to the top of the rankings. present time.

Mourinho is receiving absolute trust from Tottenham players

The Daily Mail revealed that Mourinho understands what his players need and he sends each text message to motivate them. The 57-year-old strategist also encouraged solidarity in the team with jokes during practice, and always asked the players to shoulder each other.

The British newspaper also said that the initial reaction of the Tottenham players to the appointment of Mourinho coach Mauricio Pochettino was not very good. Everyone knows that the former Chelsea manager is very strict and possesses a strong personality. However, the players have seen the opposite in this strategist in the past few days.

Coach Mourinho always shows concern, understanding, and willingness to help his players. However, one thing that has not changed is that “The Special One” still requires a lot of the players in terms of tactics and serious attitude in training, which is why things are not going well. beautiful with Danny Rose and Dele Alli – two players with the most erratic temperament in Tottenham.

But now things are going very well for coach Mourinho, and his art of dressing room management is being proven by positive results on the pitch. Tottenham’s most recent 2-0 victory over Man City was the fourth consecutive victory in the Premier League alone.

From Chelsea, Real Madrid to MU, coach Mourinho goes wherever he goes, personal conflicts with many stars in the dressing room. And perhaps the resting time after being sent off by MU helped him reflect on many things for himself. He understands that it is time for him to apply righteousness to the management of the team.