The outbreak of the disease inadvertently gave Jose Mourinho the chance to revive Tottenham – something he thought was no longer in the pre-outbreak period.

Mourinho was happy during the last training session of Tottenham on June 18, before playing Man Utd in the 30th Premier League.

People are still used to the dark atmosphere Jose Mourinho brings, but not now, when the Premier League returns to play. The Portuguese leader did not hide his confidence and optimism about Tottenham’s prospects – something no one dared to dream when the tournament halted because Covid-19 broke out three months ago.

The days of continuous football in a “mini-season” style, with no upcoming fans, is unthinkable when Mourinho was appointed in November 2019. But the break reluctantly gave “Special People” a life buoy. The remaining nine matches are not merely about whether Tottenham will enter the Champions League next season or not.

That’s the answer to the question

Will chairman Lev Levi’s decision to fire Mauricio Pochettino and appoint Mourinho seven months ago? It was the biggest gamble of Levy’s career and he was not at the top door, when Tottenham were eighth. But the position can still be overturned.

The focus of course still revolves around Mourinho – who came to Tottenham with a chipped reputation. The failure in the third season and being fired at Christmas under almost identical scenarios at Chelsea and Man Utd made many people unable to come to the conclusion: Mourinho is out of time.

Tactics no longer match the trend of the times, the methods to encourage generals more harm than the generation of young players, the nearest example is the conflict with Paul Pogba at Old Trafford.

Tottenham started February in a positive fashion with three straight victories, the most rewarding being a 2-0 victory over defending champion Man City. But what happened after that was a nightmare: six matches without a win and being eliminated from both the FA Cup and Champions League.

It is Mourinho’s familiar style, which is also the leadership style that makes young players upset at the two teams he worked before. This time Tottenham is no exception. The players were shocked to see the teacher ready to “chop up” the team in front of public opinion.

Already knocked out of the Cup and falling to 8th on the scoreboard, Mourinho’s comments made the atmosphere at Tottenham tighter than the strings. Things are so bad that it feels like Mourinho can be fired anytime without waiting for the third season.