Facundo Pellistri’s latest image in MU shirt

At the Summer market this year, MU brought in a total of 5 recruits, including Donny van de Beek, Edinson Cavani, Alex Telles, Facundo Pellistri and Amad Traore. Of these, Amad Traore will only arrive at Old Trafford in January 2021.

Edinson Cavani has not had a MU debut yet, he has to execute an isolation order within 14 days. The Uruguayan striker is working on his own to maintain his fitness and form before making his debut at Old Trafford.

Recently, midfielder Facundo Pellistri left his hometown of Uruguay to go to England. The £ 9 million contract will immediately go to MU’s first team instead of playing for the youth team or the U23 team, which is confirmed by coach Solskjaer. The Norwegian teacher has drawn up a plan to exploit Pellistri’s abilities.

Most recently, Facundo Pellistri officially posted pictures of MU’s jerseys on their personal page. This is the first picture of a young Uruguayan star in the Red Devils shirt. The 18-year-old player declared that wearing the MU shirt was a dream come true.
The player born in 2001 is highly regarded for his technique, speed, and good tactical vision. Pellistri can kick well on the right flank as well as in the opposite corridor thanks to the ability to accelerate and handle in narrow ranges.
After a series of national team matches, MU will be a guest at Newcastle’s field in round 5 of the Premier League 2020/21. After a 1-6 defeat to Tottenham, MU was forced to win 3 points on the field of “Chuse”.

Top 10 best coaches in the world for the past 3 decades (Part 4)

Roberto Martinez

In the list of the best coaches of 2018, it is impossible not to mention Roberto Martínez Montoliú. The former Spaniard always surprised the fans and the media with his leadership.

When he started taking on the position of coach of the Belgian team, Roberto Martínez received many criticisms. Because they doubted the captain’s ability to hold troops. But in fact, this Red Devils team has a very good performance, they play well and surpass the Samba dance team.

At the 2018 World Cup, Belgium only succumbed to the play of the defending French champions. At the end of the 2018 World Cup, they got third place. This is the best achievement in Belgium’s World Cup history. And the Spanish coach deserves the title of best coach.

Diego Simeone

In the list of the 10 best FIFA coaches of all time, Diego Pablo Simeone is mentioned. Before sitting on the coach Diego Simeone played for the Argentina national team 100 times. This boat school used to lead the Spanish team, but his career was most developed when he took the army for Atletico.

Simeone is a talented coach

According to experts, Simeone is a talented coach. Every time he plays, the Argentinian captain always shows a very strong personality. Therefore, the grave also considers Simeone the legend of the Wanda Metropolitano yard.

In his coaching career at Atletico, Simeone always struggles with the European Cup. The first Europa League title also came to his career.

Ernesto Valverde – The best coach in the world

Ernesto Valverde was born in 1964 proved extremely professional when he led Barca. Although this former Barca coach just arrived at the Nou Camp in the first season, he had an impressive record. The most typical is the La Liga championship trophy.

Under the guidance of Ernesto Valverde Barca proved strong, decisive in play. Perhaps that is why the Spanish championship and the title of best coach went to Ernesto Valverde.

Zinedine Zidane

In the world of football, Zinedine Zidane is called the king of titles. It is no coincidence that people call this captain with such a nickname. Because of the achievements that Zidane has gained in his career, he is extremely afraid.

Zinedine Zidane is called the king of titles


Thus, we have shared the top 10 best coaches in the world in the history of football for readers to refer to. Hope this will be a useful reference source for the process of finding information for readers. Do not forget to regularly visit our Website to find and read the most interesting football news!

The story of pregnancy and childbirth hinders the career of female players

Alex Morgan was in the stands during Spurs’ 0-1 defeat to Man United last Saturday, pushing a pram carrying his lovely daughter Charlie. This 31-year-old mother is a former famous WSL player (the American women’s professional football league), whose performance is only inferior to the current Golden Ball Megan Rapinoe, a female player who has won two World Cups. and 1 Olympics.

Morgan, with his back to the camera, did not know the photos were being taken, but as the most senior signing of the WSL era, the 31-year-old has made it public. If it hadn’t been for the pandemic that had disrupted the US league, this woman would not have come to North London to look for a chance to play in the Old Continent after having fallen into labor.

However, up to now, Morgan has not played a minute but has to suck a lot of milk between training sessions to bottle-feed. She has faced countless difficulties like any female player who accepts to both breastfeed and run aggressively and kick the ball.

Even before the COVID-19 happened and froze the ball, Morgan wanted to return to the pitch earlier to get a spot in the US team for the 2020 Olympics, the event that Charlie’s due date was exactly 3 months. .

It can actually be very difficult for a female footballer to go back to her pre-pregnancy diet because they feel tired and take longer. Obviously, when they want to return to training and competition, they have to adhere to the old diet, which is making them tired in daily parenting activities.
Women who are breastfeeding often have bigger and heavier breasts and are also often “wet” due to engorgement, oozing. If a female player is in this stage of raising children, she will have to run a lot, a lot of impact will definitely hurt, especially with the movement of using her chest to control the ball.
Football in Wales is not only Gareth Bale but also Helen Ward – Watford striker. This top 34 goalscorer is the mother of two children: Emily was born in September 2014 and Charlie was born in September 2017. Remarkably, after both passes, Ward continued to play on an international level.

Top 10 best coaches in the world for the past 3 decades (Part 3)

Pep Guardiola

The next coach on the list of the 10 best coaches of all time is Pep Guardiola. Under his leadership, Man City dominated the English Premier League. Green Man won the championship soon. Achieved the record in England’s biggest football tournament with a total of 100 points.

Pep was ranked among the top 10 best coaches in the world

When sitting on the Barca coaching bench, the manager Pep is also considered a part of the history of the team. Because he was with the Catalan team “brought back” 14 noble titles. Most notably are 3 La Liga championships, 2 King’s super cups, and 2 Champions League trophies. Along with that are the titles at the Spanish Super Cup, the European Cup, and at the FIFA Club World Cup.

In addition, Pep was ranked among the top 10 best coaches in the world when he confirmed his talent at Bayern Munich. Pep has won Bayern 2 championships in Germany.

FIFA statistics show that Pep Guardiola has a total of 422 holding matches at Bayern, including 309 wins, 70 draws, and 43 losses. That shows that the win rate is 73.22%. Those are the proofs that help Pep become the best coach in the world.

Juergen Klopp

The next coach on this list is Jürgen Norbert Klopp. He is a former German player (1990 – 2001). In club shirt color 1. FSV Mainz 05 Juergen Klopp has won many proud achievements. Immediately after retiring from the pitch, Klopp was invited to be the coach of Club 1. FSV Mainz 05 season 2003/04. As a result, this team successfully promoted in the Bundesliga (previously the club played in the 2nd Bundesliga).

Thanks to Klopp, many players who play in the mid-range have the opportunity to develop

It is interesting that Juergen Klopp is called “The German Giant” when he has a height of 1.93m. The stage of leading the Red Brigade, Klopp is not appreciated in the C1 arena. But the German captain also helped the port city team to reach the final.

In addition, in his military career, he also helped many young players shine. Through Klopp’s coaching hands, many players who play in the mid-range have had the opportunity to develop. They even became the stars of soccer. Typically Salah, Firmino, or Mane. Therefore, it is completely understandable for Klopp to be voted as the best coach in 2017.

Van de Beek is good at soccer due to his judo and badminton practice

The secrets behind the success of Van de Beek have just been “revealed” by the Dutch coach, Rene Wormhoudt on Sky Sports channel. Wormhoudt is currently a fitness coach in the Netherlands. Before that, he was the one who put the new training method into application at the Ajax furnace during the first half of the decade. Wormhoudt has applied his new method to the young talent with Van de Beek as the face of the model.

The new method that Wormhoudt has applied at Ajax is to let the players practice other sports in addition to playing ball. Specifically for Van de Beek’s litter, Wormhoudt asked them to practice judo and badminton.

Why practice more badminton? Wormhoudt analyzed: “The practice of more badminton helps the players to be more responsive, their feet move better. Badminton also helps them get better eye-hand coordination. And once he has practiced badminton, the player’s ability to rotate from left to right as well as from right to left has also been significantly improved.

What about judo? Wormhoudt continued, “I have been practicing judo in particular and martial arts in general since childhood. And I point out that if you know how to fall properly, to keep your balance, you can become a better football player.

Why is the story of falling in the right way here? The correct fall here is not a fall to earn penalties. A right fall is a fall with the right technique to minimize the risk of pain and injury. Once you know the correct fall technique, you will no longer be afraid of falling, no more slips. Just look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He practiced martial arts. And he is not afraid of falling at all.

In addition, the practice of judo will be very beneficial for training the player’s strength. Generally speaking, if the players practice judo hard, the players will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Top 10 best coaches in the world for the past 3 decades (Part 2)

Zlatko Dalic

Zlatko Dalić reached the top 10 of the best coaches of all time announced by FIFA. Dalić is known as a former Croatian goalkeeper in the defensive midfield position. As a coach, Zlatko Dalić is one of the outstanding coaches leading the Croatian team to reach the final of the 2018 World Cup.

Zlatko Dalić reached the top 10 of the best coaches of all time

Before the World Cup 2018, the Croatian team was only known as the dark horse of the football village. But under the leadership of Captain Dalić, they went straight to the 2018 World Cup final in a spectacular way. On the coaching bench of this team, Dalić is seen as a great hero.

More notably, since Dalić led the team “checker”, he only lost 2/13 matches. In which there are 3 wins they get from 3 knockout matches in Russia after matches with extra time or matches with a penalty shootout.

Stanislav Cherchesov

Stanislav Cherchesov is known to be the former defender of North Ossetia-Alania. At that time this military leader acted as the team’s goalkeeper. After retiring from his football career, this coach became the leader and he led the Russian team to successive victories.

On the coaching bench for the Russian team, Cherchesov is considered the hero of the team. As of 2018, rulers, Stanislav Cherchesov has 16 matches with Russian bears. He became one of the best coaches, helping Russia to win huge victories in the 2018 World Cup.

Although before the 2018 World Cup, Russia was considered a weak team. But under the talented leadership of Cherchesov, the Russian team reached the quarterfinals. This achievement is considered to be the best in the history of Russian football at the largest football tournament in the world.

Gareth Southgate

Next on this list is Gareth Southgate. He is the English coach and the current head coach of the English football team. A coaching career with proud achievements helped Southgate be honored by FIFA in the list of the best coaches of 2018.

Gareth Southgate is the English coach and the current head coach of the English football team

This captain, born in 1970, made a great impact in his career when he accompanied the British team in the 2018 World Cup. Gareth Southgate used effective tactics, preparing the mentality for young players… Both helped England participate in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals after 28 years of waiting.

Medvedev category, Thiem in the US Open final

The match against Medvedev and Thiem took place hot from the first set. After four balanced games, Medvedev argued with the referee and that caused his mentality to lose stability. As a result, the Russian player lost 4 games immediately and lost 2-6 in set 1.
By the second set, Medvedev soon regained the advantage when he won a break in the first game. However, seasoned bravery helped Thiem reclaim a break in the 10th game, then brought the set to a tie-break series. Here, the second seed defeated the opponent 9-7, thereby increasing the score to 2-0.

Going to set 3, Medvedev was forced to win and like set 2, he soon took advantage of the point. However, once again Thiem showed her bravery in a spectacular escape, bringing set 3 back to the tie-break series and once again defeated the opponent.
Defeating Medvedev with the score 3-0, Dominic Thiem entered the American final for the first time. The Austrian player’s opponent in the last match was Zverev.

After the shock of Djokovic’s disqualification, the Grand Slam title has never come close to Next Gen players like in the US Open this year. Two of the most notable and also in top form players, Dominic Thiem and Daniil Medvedev will clash in the semi-final considered early final.

In the past, Thiem had 3 times to the final of the Grand Slam, but never won once. As for Medvedev, the Russian player was the US Open runner-up last year, after an unfortunate close defeat against Rafael Nadal.
Both Thiem and Medvedev’s path to the semi-finals is relatively easy. Even the third seed has not lost any set in this year’s tournament.

Top 10 best coaches in the world for the past 3 decades (Part 1)

The list of the best coaches in the world is announced by FIFA year by year. Then a coach will be selected for the title of best coach of the year. The rulers in this list are selected on the basis of the achievements brought to the team during the holding time. Here is a list of the best coaches in the world that we compiled.

Massimiliano Allegri

In the list of the best football coaches in the world, Massimilano Allegri is mentioned first. He is a former Italian footballer and is known as Massimilano “Max” Allegri.

In his football coach career, Allegri has got proud achievements. The first is to help the AC Milan team win the Scudetto in the first season of leadership. Besides, that is the achievement of helping this team get the championship since the 2004 season.

In his football coach career, Allegri has got proud achievements

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During his career, the Italian captain led the Old Lady of Turin to four consecutive seasons, helping the team complete the “collection” championship Serie A with 7 consecutive times. But in 2018, the Juventus team soon slipped off the track to win the Champions League.

Didier Deschamps

Who is the best coach in the world is the question of many people. In fact, this list is given by the World Football Federation based on their performance statistics. The next leader on this list is Didier Deschamps.

Deschamps is one of the best coaches in 2018

Deschamps is one of the best coaches in 2018. Before becoming a coach of the French team, this 1968-born teacher was a famous defensive midfielder of European football clubs such as Chelsea, Juventus, and Marseille.

Didier Deschamps led the French team to win the 2018 championship trophy. Perhaps this is the greatest achievement in the career of this teacher. With that title, Deschamps is officially the world football championship champion as a coach and football player.

Koeman and Barca are in trouble again ahead of the new season

According to Marca, coach Ronald Koeman will not be able to direct Barcelona in the opening match against Villarreal in LaLiga on September 28.

Specifically, the reason given is directly related to former Barcelona coach Quique Setien.
According to the El Partidazo de COPE report, the Catalan team has yet to settle a compensation package after the sacking of coach Quique Setien. The club finances, which were heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, were also another reason for the delay.

The incident occurred so that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was unable to pass documents related to the appointment of new Barcelona coach Koeman.
However, new coach Ronald Koeman led Barcelona to a 3-1 victory over Girona in a friendly match last night. Also in this match, Lionel Messi confirmed his influence in the team with a brilliant performance with a double goal in 4 minutes.

Before welcoming Villarreal at home in the opening match of LaLiga, Koeman teachers and students had a friendly match against the Joan Gamper Cup with rookie Elche on September 20.

Coach Pirlo finds a way for Ronaldo to rest

Coach Andrea Pirlo wants striker Cristiano Ronaldo to recuperate in a few less important games, even though he is about to surpass Pele’s. “We have discussed the plan to keep Ronaldo,” Pirlo said after Juventus won Sampdoria in Serie A first round on the evening of September 20. “He is not tired yet, because the season has just started. But, I will let Ronaldo rest in less important games. Ronaldo is very smart and knows his body well. He knows when to rest.” .

Ronald missed many delicious opportunities, but also in time to set the score 3-0 against Sampdoria. In Dejan Kulusevski’s opener, Ronaldo also contributed to the shoe with a breakthrough ball blocked. Rookie Kulusevski praised Ronaldo after the game: “Ronaldo is great and I’m happy to be his teammate. When we were leading 2-0, he told me to keep attacking. He still wants to. score more goals “.

Ronaldo has scored 758 goals in his career, from a young age. He needed 10 and 15 more goals respectively to overcome the achievements of Pele and Romario. The scoring record belongs to Josef Bican with at least 805 goals, in the period of 1931-1956.
Because Juventus broke up with Gonzalo Higuain, and Paulo Dybala was injured, Ronaldo played as a striker in the 5-4-1 chart. Juventus reached an agreement with Roma to recruit 34-year-old striker Edin Dzeko to pair with Ronaldo.