Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring when Juventus defeated Novara 5-0 in a friendly match in Turin on September 13.

Traveling on the training ground of Continassa Training Center on the afternoon of September 13, Rome is now the first time Andrea Pirlo, as head coach, directly directs Juventus first team to play. He started the team with the most powerful squad, in which Ronaldo played the striker pair with rookie Dejan Kulusevski.

Before the opponent who plays in Serie C, Juventus is not too difficult to impose the game, although their streak is still inert after the summer break. However, in the first half, they only scored one goal. Ronaldo is still the one who brings the mutation. 20 minutes, he received the ball from Adrien Rabiot and turned on the wall with Kulusevski, before penetrating the 16m50 area to end the stretch with one touch, lowering the opponent. Before and after this situation, the Portuguese striker also had many other moves and shots, but failed to find his way into the opponent’s goal.

Ronaldo played well, as he showed it to Portugal a few days ago, then reappeared today. I am satisfied with the way he moves, plays the ball easily, comfortably,” says Pirlo. told Sky Sports about the star striker.
After the break, Pirlo replaced seven consecutive positions, including the striker pair. With the pair Diego Costa – Marko Pjaca replaced on the front line, Juventus proved much more mobile. And the goal quickly came to the champions of Serie A. In the 56th minute, Costa hit the ball to eliminate most of the Novara’s defense so that Aaron Ramsey escaped to the far corner, doubling the score. Four minutes later, it was Pjaca’s turn to score, with two consecutive shots.

Continuing to replace a series of positions for testing, Juventus did not score any more goals in the remaining official time of the second half. But in just four minutes of injury time, they scored two more goals, thanks to Manolo Portanova, Italy’s U21 player, in the 91st and 93rd minutes.
“We are experimenting with a variety of human-tactical solutions. In the first half, a team with a four-player defense and depending on the situation can change to three. In the second half, we maintain a third However, I still need one more striker, as soon as possible.But the summer market is still long, until the end of October, so we still have time to search, “added Pirlo after the match.