Four days after helping McLaren to successfully finish the 2020 season in third place, Sainz met his new teammates at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello. The Spaniard met team leader Mattia Binotto and teammate Charles Leclerc at a traditional Ferrari lunch party.

Ferrari’s first red shirt is definitely a special occasion for me. Overall, this is a milestone and will be an event I will never forget in my life. Fully ready and excited after leaving the UK. to come here yesterday. Everything is completely new, opens up a new challenge, “Sainz told Sky Sports.

“Christmas and a couple of days off will give me the fastest energy recovery possible. You’ll see me gather early with the team in January to push and get the team moving as fast as possible in the right direction. I can’t wait for that date, “the 26-year-old rider revealed about his next plan.

Farewell to four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel to sign Sainz, Ferrari will play next season with the youngest squad since 1968.

“He’s a strong and fast racer,” Binotto said of the Spanish rookie. “If you look at 2020, you can see that Carlos had a really good season. He’s even faster at the test races before. I expect Carlos to contribute to the team’s goal.”

Leclerc is three years younger than Sainz, but has been working at Ferrari for the past two years. The Monaco racer even won a key position in the team from his senior Vettel. However, Binotto confirmed that Ferrari did not designate Leclerc as the main driver in his contract with this driver. He claimed Sainz was free to compete fairly with Leclerc.

Sainz will drive a Ferrari for the first time at the test race at Fiorano in January next year. The 2021 pre-season test starts in Barcelona on March 1.