Mercedes made a serious mistake with Hamilton, then Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri finished first in the race with a series of events in Monza on September 6.

The victory after twelve years of training for Alpha Tauri – formerly the Toro Rosso team – on the Monza race made the Italian Grand Prix 2020 one of the most memorable and shocking races in F1 history. The last time Red Bull’s B team won first place was at Monza when Sebastian Vettel scored.

Two times of safety cars appeared in a row at the end of the first half, pushing Mercedes into a difficult position and causing world champion Lewis Hamilton to make mistakes. The golden opportunity was placed on Gasly, who was once disgraced at Red Bull, and the 24-year-old French racer made full use of it, finishing first with 36 minutes 39,174 seconds.

The starting advantage with the outstanding W11 gives Hamilton easy control over the race and continuously increases the distance with the back group at the first third of the race. By the 20th round, the distance between the Mercedes star and the second runner, Carlos Sainz Jnr (McLaren), was more than 12 seconds.

The script at Spa-Francorchamps – where Hamilton won easily – last week seemed to repeat itself at Monza this week. Many spectators shook their heads in frustration when they watched the progress of the Italian Grand Prix. But as expected, the safe car suddenly appeared and completely reversed the whole situation.

In the 20th round, Kevin Magnussen’s car broke down and had to stay on the side of the track, the safety car was deployed to serve the cleaning. The safety vehicle appears just before the optimal time for pit racers. At this point, Mercedes made a mistake and caused Hamilton to lose his 90th victory when he called Hamilton to change the tire as soon as the safe car just went to the track without realizing that at that time the car was banned from the pit.

The referee’s note was signaled to the racers, but Hamilton was unsure of the signal received and radioed to the home team “I don’t see any lights at the entrance to the pit”. The Mercedes instructors replied, “Lewis, the notice is not on the way to the pit, but on the left-hand side and on the regular bulletin boards.” “Are you sure I ran through the signs? Really, I just noticed the right,” Hamilton replied. Then after pondering, Hamilton still decided to pit.

The British rider’s wrong judgment caused him to receive a penalty “Take the car to the pit and stop for 10 seconds before returning to the track”. The referees explained: “The pit door was closed at 15:41 minutes 47 seconds and Hamilton returned to the pit 12 seconds later, at 15:41, 59 seconds. announcements 16 and 17 on Turn 11 “.