Solskjaer has passed the first gate, PSG. Chelsea will be the next obstacle for experts to test the saying that pressure creates diamonds?

The 1-6 defeat to Tottenham pushed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer very close to the brink of being fired. However, instead of surrendering to fate, the Norwegian strategist has continued to fight and is slowly overcoming adversity.

If the 4-1 victory over Newcastle was criticized as “deadlock until the last minute to be lucky to rise”, the 2-1 victory in France against PSG forced experts to think differently about Solskjaer. Is the oppressive pressure that creates a diamond?

Victory over PSG forced professionals to think differently about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

A lot of people believe that the appearance of Chelsea at this time is a loop of fate. Last season, Chelsea was also a test of ability at a time when the confidence for Solskjaer fell to the bottom.

Before clashing “The Blues” on February 18, Man United went through a disappointing period. They lost to Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, and culminated in a 0-2 defeat at Old Trafford against Burnley. At that time, the media started talking about Solskjaer sacking.

However, a trip to Stamford Bridge in round 26 changed Solskjaer’s fate. It was a match where Man United was without Paul Pogba, Scott McTominay, and Marcus Rashford, but Solskjaer’s extremely sensible tactic forced Chelsea to raise the white flag.

Victory over PSG forced professionals to think differently about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The 2-0 win over Chelsea was the start of United’s 15 consecutive unbeaten streak in all competitions – a streak that brought Solskjaer’s name back up high after a period of decline.

Solskjaer’s tactical prowess is not the right kind

Of course, rank cannot be created by predestination or superstition. Fortunately, we have practical grounds to believe that Solskjaer can turn danger into opportunity. The French press even considered Man United’s play on October 20 as the standard to deal with PSG and urged the British media to see differently about Solskjaer’s tactical ability.

The general was favored

In addition to his tactical ability, Solskjaer’s behavior is also receiving praise from the press. Solskjaer’s way of dealing with behind-the-scenes issues at Man United shows that his diplomacy is relatively flexible rather than falling into a one-color state like some strategists consider themselves personality.

The behavior of this football coach makes many Manchester United players feel protected. When you respect your students, you also gain respect from them. That is Solskjaer’s military philosophy and this helps him always have his comrades by his side.

Hans-Dieter Flick is not an overrated strategist or combat acumen, but he is talented. His tactic was extremely skilled and thanks to that, Hansi Flick revived Bayern. Can Solskjaer go the same way?