What is sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition is an important foundation for the success of exercise. This is a meal plan designed to help the athlete or athlete perform at their best. It provides a full range of foods, energy, nutrients to help the body function at its highest level. Sports nutrition is often tailored to each individual and can be changed on a daily basis, depending on specific energy needs and personal goals.

3 important principles in the diet for sports people

The diet will change depending on many factors: The physical location of each person, the sport goals, the characteristics of the work … Therefore, there will not be a common formula for everyone. However, basically the diet for sports people will be based on the following 3 principles:

Don’t skip breakfast

The first meal of the day is very important. Eating regular breakfast is linked to a reduced risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, according to a report published in the Harvard Health Letter. In particular, a healthy breakfast is very important in nutrition for athletes. If you skip breakfast, you may feel drowsy and lack of energy during exercise.

A high-fiber, protein-rich breakfast can fight hunger longer and provide the energy you need to keep exercising. You can try oatmeal or other whole grains that are high in fiber and add some dairy protein, yogurt, or nuts to your breakfast. If you love cakes, replace the refined flour with whole grain for your cake composition. You need to make breakfast a daily routine.

Recharge before and after exercise

When it comes to recharging before or after a workout, you need to strike the right balance between the groups of substances. Before a workout, snacks that combine carbohydrates with unsaturated fats will keep you energized and work out more efficiently. After a workout, protein-rich foods are great suggestions for muscle recovery and growth.

Break up your meals

If you exercise every day and only eat 3 main meals: morning – lunch – dinner, you will definitely feel hungry and lack of energy. So, divide your energy intake into several meals a day. This will also help you feel more relaxed, get better nutrition, and exercise performance will also improve.