Mourinho is receiving absolute trust from Tottenham players

Coach Mourinho and Tottenham are sitting at the top of the Premier League table, and their early season’s success is not based solely on the tactical system. Coach Mourinho and Tottenham have a dream start in the Premier League this season. After 9 rounds, the North London team is consistently ranked at the top of […]

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the most likely to be sacked by MU

MU coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is considered the leader in the Premier League most likely to be fired this season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is currently the most likely candidate to be fired in the Premier League after MU’s embarrassing defeat against Istanbul Basaksehir. Solskjaer has pulled ahead of West Brom’s Slaven Bilic and Fulham’s Scott […]

Solskjaer as an example of pressure creating diamonds

Solskjaer has passed the first gate, PSG. Chelsea will be the next obstacle for experts to test the saying that pressure creates diamonds? The 1-6 defeat to Tottenham pushed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer very close to the brink of being fired. However, instead of surrendering to fate, the Norwegian strategist has continued to fight and is […]

Top 10 best coaches in the world for the past 3 decades (Part 4)

Roberto Martinez In the list of the best coaches of 2018, it is impossible not to mention Roberto Martínez Montoliú. The former Spaniard always surprised the fans and the media with his leadership. When he started taking on the position of coach of the Belgian team, Roberto Martínez received many criticisms. Because they doubted the […]

Pirlo was voted the sexiest football trainer in Serie A league

Andrea Pirlo overcame many candidates to become the sexiest coach in Serie A according to votes from users of a dating website in Italy. The dating website Joyclub in Italy opens a poll on who is the sexiest coach in Serie A. There are a total of 20 candidates, equivalent to the head coach of […]

Barca chose coach Koeman over Setien to lead Barca

Barca gave coach Quique Setien the sack just three days after losing to Bayern 2-8 in the Champions League. Many reputable sources also confirmed that Koeman would leave the Dutch team to lead Barca. A few days ago, the Spanish media heard that the sports director Eric Abidal would also be sacked, after a series […]

Manchester United’s coaches from past to present (Part 1)

“Red Devils” have passed many coaches to lead to get like today. Many generations of famous coaches have led the team and brought remarkable respect to MU. Let’s review the coaches of the great MU immediately in the following article. 1. Ernest Mangnall Not only that, Ernest Mangnall was also a great influence in the […]

British clubs having a hard time looking for good coaches

Not all good players can become a good strategist, but having a bad coaching career like the former England players is strange. Recently, Paul Scholes had to step down as the manager of Oldham’s club playing in England’s Third Division after a series of disappointments – winning only 1 victory in 7 matches. The time […]

Top legendary football trainers in the world (Part 2)

4. Carlo Ancelotti Coach Ancelotti is the rare person to win the championship in three-quarters of Europe’s top leagues within a year. With a style of pompous football, but containing strong offensive maneuverability, his opponents will be quite hard against the students he leads in matches. Along with that, he helps the teams he leads […]

Top legendary football trainers in the world (Part 1)

Here are the legendary football trainers in the world. Let’s check out! 1. Sir Alex Ferguson It is not surprising that Sir Alex Ferguson is on the list of legendary coaches in world football. With his successes with M.U, he deserves a place on this list. With a drastic leadership style but also very comforting […]