5. Carlos Ancelotti

Having started his career in Italy since 1995, Carlos is truly one of the leading coaches of this era. His first successes were credited with leading AC Milan in 2001. Along with AC Milan, he twice won the Champions League.

6. Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has made many impressive achievements. In the list of 10 most famous coaches of our time, we cannot forget this talented teacher. In 2004, he shocked the world when he won the Champions League with Porto. Later, he came to Chelsea and became a rival with famous coach Sir Alex.

7. Joachim Low

He has been the head coach of the German team since 2006. He started his career with unpopular football clubs, but he broke the fans by bringing Germany to the Euro finals in 2008.

During his time as a coach, the German team became strong with a beautiful game. This has helped them have many changes in their football career.

8. Didier Deschamps

He helped the Phao team win the WC 2018 championship. Recently, the French team excelled in winning the WC 2018 championship. Clearly, this success has been thanks to the natural talent of coach Didier Deschamps. In his career, Didier has won 1 WC championship, 1 Euro silver medal and 1 Ligue one. And we can fully expect him to make more successes.

9. Jurgen Klopp

It would be remiss not to mention Jurgen Klopp. At this moment, Jurgen is standing on top of Europe. He made the football world crazy when he won Liverpool’s Champions League with Liverpool recently. And with his achievements, he is real is one of the 10 most famous coaches of this century.

10. Luiz Felipe Scolari

Last on this list is the veteran coach from Brazil. Already 72 years old, he has many years of rolling around in the football world. Referring to him, fans can immediately remember Brazil’s 2002 WC championship. In addition, he also achieved many other outstanding achievements.

Above is the list of the 10 most famous football coaches in the world. Hopefully, this information is really helpful to you.