Despite a starting price of $ 500,000, basketball legend Michael Jordan’s jersey is predicted to reach $ 1 million.
According to TMZ Sports, Goldin Auctions was going to organize the auction of the shirt Michael Jordan wore in two matches in the NBA playoffs in 1998. The starting price of the shirt is expected to be $ 500,000, but many experts say Anyone who wants to own it can pay up to a million dollars.

Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions, hopes Jordan’s shirt will sell for a record price. “We hope this item will set the record of Michael Jordan’s shirt sold for the highest price in history,” Goldin told TMZ Sports….


The shirt was worn by Jordan in matches 3 and 4 in the Eastern finals against Indiana Pacers. The 57-year-old legend excelled at scoring 30 and 28 points respectively, but the Chicago Bulls still failed in those two matches.

The Eastern finals in 1998 between Bulls and Indiana Pacers were highly regarded for their professional quality. Jordan and the Bulls followed suit after winning the 7th match.
The Bulls then defeated the Utah Jazz in 6 games in the NBA Finals (series finals) in 1998 to win the 6th championship in the Michael Jordan era. The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time: the greatest of all time) scored an average of 32.4 points, 5.1 rebounds (kicking the ball over the table), and 3.5 assists in the playoffs in 1998. He was awarded the title. Finals MVP (best player in the series final).

The Last Dance' shifted my stance on Jordan, LeBron GOAT debate ...

Many auction experts have said the value of the memorabilia related to Jordan increased day after the documentary The Last Dance was released. The Last Dance is a documentary film about the life and career of the basketball king.
“22 years later, you can own a piece of history if you’re rich enough,” wrote TMZ Sports