A very strange year for everyone,” Moya, the coach of Rafael Nadal, told Libertad on 30/11. “As far as the tournaments Nadal plays, everything is very positive. Any year you win a Grand Slam, it’s a great year. The most unfortunate comes at the ATP Finals in London, where I think Rafa. have a chance to reach the finals and win the championship. Usually the results come in his favor, but this time, it went against Nadal

In 2020, Nadal wins 27 games and loses seven games, ending the season in second place in the world. Due to Covid-19, only three of the four Grand Slams were held. Nadal attended two of these, reaching the quarter finals of the Australian Open and champion Roland Garros. In the ATP Finals – a tournament for the eight best players of the year, Nadal stopped in the semi-finals against Daniil Medvedev despite winning the first set and leading in the second set. Setting a record 16 times to win tickets to the ATP Finals, but Nadal has yet to be crowned at this prestigious event.

On the same day 30/11, former coach and uncle of Nadal, Mr. Toni Nadal, shared about the reason why he stopped leading the Spanish player after 2017. “At that time, I believed that my contribution was no longer necessary. too, “Toni Nadal told ES. “I am a strict coach. My goal is to educate Nadal to always set the requirements for himself. I think I did well.

Teaching since Rafael Nadal 3-4 years old, Toni’s mark in 16 Grand Slam titles that his nephew won not small. After leaving coaching for his nephew, Mr. Toni was the director of tennis academy Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard now has 20 Grand Slams, equalizing the record with Roger Federer.

I don’t remember that feeling,” Toni replied when asked if he missed the games he played with Nadal as a coach. “I am fortunate to train my nephew, a great tennis player. But now I prefer coaching children, because I have a feeling that I can give them more than coaching Nadal.