The greatest tennis player in the history of badminton world Lin Dan officially retired at the age of 37.
Lin Dan was born on October 14, 1983, in China. He is considered to be the greatest tennis player in badminton history with two Olympic Gold Medals in 2008, 2012, five world championships, and six times the Toan Anh championship.
At the age of 28, Lin Dan acquired all nine of the world’s biggest titles, becoming the first and only person up to this point to achieve that feat.
Lin Dan shared on Weibo: “After 20 years of playing, I had to say goodbye to the national team. This decision was not easy because I dedicated myself to badminton throughout my career. In 2000, I was proud that for the first time in a Chinese team.

lin dan

My family, teammates, coaches, and fans have accompanied me throughout the years. After attending the four Olympics, I didn’t want to think about retiring. Every time I feel pain in training and competition, I tell myself to persevere. “

Badminton: Lin Dan still clinging to Tokyo dream | The Star

At 37, I no longer have the physical strength to play with my teammates, nor can I stand the pain. Next time, I want to spend time with my family and new concerns. I am very grateful to the Chinese nation, the coach, the family, the fans, and the wonderful opponents. They inspired me to compete. I also want to advise those who are struggling, pursue the dream, be ready to fight. I will miss the Chinese national anthem, the podium in honor of the winner. No one will forever be young, but there will always be young people who will pioneer.