Those who follow tennis know Rafael Nadal holds the racquet with his left hand. However, Nadal is inherently right-handed and to develop his skills of fighting with his non-dominant hand is a story from when he was a boy.

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When Rafael Nadal became famous, many NHMs realized that the Spaniard did everything in life with his right hand. He signed the NHM with his right hand, he brushed his teeth, threw a dart, held a fork … all with his right hand. Nadal only plays tennis with his left hand.
On Google, with the question “Nadal left or right handed”, after only 0.5 seconds gave 3.2 million results. It is one of the questions that many tennis fans ask each other a lot. To find the answer, Spainsnews met tennis teacher, Jofre Porta, who met Nadal at a clinic in Parma (Italy) when Nadal was only 8 years old. By the time Porta met Nadal, the Spanish boy was playing tennis with both hands.
That day, Porta spoke with Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni about the player should choose a dominant hand to play tennis instead of hitting both hands. “Going for a while, I had the opportunity to return to Parma to work on a project. I met Nadal again and realized he had started playing tennis with his left hand. I asked Nadal and he confirmed that Uncle Toni convinced Nadal to practice tennis with his left hand, ”Porta said.
“I have advised Nadal to choose to play tennis with his hand which is most comfortable, but then Nadal trained with his left hand long enough to get used to it. Nadal even told me that he felt no power when he struck with his right hand, which is the dominant hand, ”Porta added.

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In many interviews, Uncle Toni denied that he persuaded Rafael Nadal to play tennis with his left hand. However, Porta himself has repeatedly confirmed that Toni asked Nadal to fight with his left hand for a variety of reasons. Firstly, backhanding is a matter of science and tactics. Left-handed players have the advantage of opening the angle, in the ability to serve and neutralize the left-to-right dashes. In fact, right-hand shots on the corner of the tennis court with the left hand will make it more difficult for the right-hand tennis players.
Secondly, Toni gave the statistics to Nadal that most players are tennis with the right hand, so switching to the left will give Nadal an advantage when he meets this group. page added statistics: In the Top 100 ATP at the moment, there are 85 tennis players playing with their right hand and only 15 hitting the left hand. Of which pure players only hit with the left hand actually only 7 people (the remaining 8 people will use 2 hands to make backhand shots).
“From a tactical standpoint, right-handed players will develop skills to deal with right-handed opponents better than confronting left-handed opponents. Especially tennis players since childhood, the brain will create habits. Accidentally when playing professionally, having to meet a small number of players hitting with the left-hand causes difficulties in judgment, ”Mr. Porta further explained.
Third, from Porta’s point of view, in sports, if you can afford to awaken the potential of oversleeping, it becomes a huge advantage. Nadal is right-handed and he has to force himself to hit with his left hand. By practicing more than the average person, Nadal’s strokes will become sharper and more powerful than those of the tennis player with his dominant hand.
Thus, the fact that Nadal is doing everything in life with his right hand, but playing tennis with his left hand, comes from the extremely wise and scientific thinking of Uncle Toni. In part, playing backhand tennis helped Nadal to reach the level of a legend.