If the exercise of sports is normal for everyone, the intensity of the athlete training is completely different. Behind the medals, the short matches they “performed” were a long journey of hardship. So the athlete‘s job life usually lasts only a certain period of time and then has to jump to another job.

Seeing athlete’s body deformed, changed because of hard work, but couldn’t help but grieve: well, to have success, how bitter time did they have to go through …

The ribbed legs that seemed to be bursting of cyclists. The reason for these legs is that when cycling for a long time, a large amount of blood will pour into the legs and save, causing the blood vessels to expand. According to experts, the amount of blood spilled on the feet of racing athletes is twice as much as bodybuilders.

A football player’s feet are usually two times more muscular than a normal person. Typically, the player who shoots as much as Ronaldo has ribbed legs like a “beast”.

Due to having to bounce off the ball a lot, basketball players’ feet tend to curl. In the picture is the weird feet of NBA professional athlete – Lebron James.

Gunmen and biathletes often have problems with palate because they often hear gunshots at close range.

Surferers’ internal bones often grow larger than normal, even if overgrown could affect hearing.

Gymnastics athletes often have large calluses on their hands due to beam exercises and special pelvic injuries due to balancing exercises with standing beams.

After completing the race, the marathon swimmer has deformed feet and hands like a corpse.

In addition, some of the typical diseases of common swimmers are damage to the eardrum, otitis media, develop fungal infection of the ear … due to frequent chemical immersion. At the same time, they may also experience a difference in body proportions when extending their arms due to excessive upper body movement.

Tennis players often have the classic occupational disease of “tennis elbow”. It is a disease that involves excessive and constant load on the tips of the fingers, causing bruising, calluses on palms and feet.

The shoulder muscles and back muscles of long-term archers will be deformed when they have to hold the force for the bow for a long time.

The boxer’s face is deformed after each match. Usually, boxers have hearing problems such as direct loss of hearing, tinnitus, and dizziness. There are also birthmarks on the sides of the face and can cause convulsions, infarction, or even paralysis.

Bloody feet and callous hands of ballet dancers.