Alex Morgan was in the stands during Spurs’ 0-1 defeat to Man United last Saturday, pushing a pram carrying his lovely daughter Charlie. This 31-year-old mother is a former famous WSL player (the American women’s professional football league), whose performance is only inferior to the current Golden Ball Megan Rapinoe, a female player who has won two World Cups. and 1 Olympics.

Morgan, with his back to the camera, did not know the photos were being taken, but as the most senior signing of the WSL era, the 31-year-old has made it public. If it hadn’t been for the pandemic that had disrupted the US league, this woman would not have come to North London to look for a chance to play in the Old Continent after having fallen into labor.

However, up to now, Morgan has not played a minute but has to suck a lot of milk between training sessions to bottle-feed. She has faced countless difficulties like any female player who accepts to both breastfeed and run aggressively and kick the ball.

Even before the COVID-19 happened and froze the ball, Morgan wanted to return to the pitch earlier to get a spot in the US team for the 2020 Olympics, the event that Charlie’s due date was exactly 3 months. .

It can actually be very difficult for a female footballer to go back to her pre-pregnancy diet because they feel tired and take longer. Obviously, when they want to return to training and competition, they have to adhere to the old diet, which is making them tired in daily parenting activities.
Women who are breastfeeding often have bigger and heavier breasts and are also often “wet” due to engorgement, oozing. If a female player is in this stage of raising children, she will have to run a lot, a lot of impact will definitely hurt, especially with the movement of using her chest to control the ball.
Football in Wales is not only Gareth Bale but also Helen Ward – Watford striker. This top 34 goalscorer is the mother of two children: Emily was born in September 2014 and Charlie was born in September 2017. Remarkably, after both passes, Ward continued to play on an international level.