Pep Guardiola

The next coach on the list of the 10 best coaches of all time is Pep Guardiola. Under his leadership, Man City dominated the English Premier League. Green Man won the championship soon. Achieved the record in England’s biggest football tournament with a total of 100 points.

Pep was ranked among the top 10 best coaches in the world

When sitting on the Barca coaching bench, the manager Pep is also considered a part of the history of the team. Because he was with the Catalan team “brought back” 14 noble titles. Most notably are 3 La Liga championships, 2 King’s super cups, and 2 Champions League trophies. Along with that are the titles at the Spanish Super Cup, the European Cup, and at the FIFA Club World Cup.

In addition, Pep was ranked among the top 10 best coaches in the world when he confirmed his talent at Bayern Munich. Pep has won Bayern 2 championships in Germany.

FIFA statistics show that Pep Guardiola has a total of 422 holding matches at Bayern, including 309 wins, 70 draws, and 43 losses. That shows that the win rate is 73.22%. Those are the proofs that help Pep become the best coach in the world.

Juergen Klopp

The next coach on this list is J├╝rgen Norbert Klopp. He is a former German player (1990 – 2001). In club shirt color 1. FSV Mainz 05 Juergen Klopp has won many proud achievements. Immediately after retiring from the pitch, Klopp was invited to be the coach of Club 1. FSV Mainz 05 season 2003/04. As a result, this team successfully promoted in the Bundesliga (previously the club played in the 2nd Bundesliga).

Thanks to Klopp, many players who play in the mid-range have the opportunity to develop

It is interesting that Juergen Klopp is called “The German Giant” when he has a height of 1.93m. The stage of leading the Red Brigade, Klopp is not appreciated in the C1 arena. But the German captain also helped the port city team to reach the final.

In addition, in his military career, he also helped many young players shine. Through Klopp’s coaching hands, many players who play in the mid-range have had the opportunity to develop. They even became the stars of soccer. Typically Salah, Firmino, or Mane. Therefore, it is completely understandable for Klopp to be voted as the best coach in 2017.