Here are the legendary football trainers in the world. Let’s check out!

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

It is not surprising that Sir Alex Ferguson is on the list of legendary coaches in world football. With his successes with M.U, he deserves a place on this list. With a drastic leadership style but also very comforting of his students, Sir Alex did not let anyone in the team sad because of his treatment with them. This explains the reason he succeeded so well with the MU team.

Along with the Manchester team, Sir Alex has won 11 Premier League titles, 2 victories in the Champions League and 2 runner-ups, 5 FA Cup championships, 3 English League trophies, 1 trophy champion C2, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup top prize.

2. Valeriy Lobanovskyi

The late coach Lobanovskyi is the legendary coach named first on this list. He was named a legend when he turned the Dynamo Kiev team into the most successful team in Eastern Europe in history. Along with the Ukrainian capital football team, he won two C2 championships (1975, 1986) and many domestic titles in Ukraine.

He is known by the nickname “Snow-covered volcano” because on the pitch he fiercely how much he usually loves them in real life. The way his students fought under his guidance scared many European and American rivals when confronted by the extremely strong, decisive play.

The coach’s love for Dinamo Kiev. In 2002, while leading the home team in Europe, he suffered a stroke and could not survive. After this event, the club where he devoted all his enthusiasm decided to use his name as the name of his team’s football field.

3. Ottmar Hitzfeld

At football competitions in Germany, perhaps coach Ottmar Hitzfeld is the most legendary and successful coach. Perhaps a few dozen years later when he mentioned his name is still very respectable for this old strategist.

With a total of more than 25 major and minor titles in his coaching career. Including 7 Bundesliga championships, 3 German cup championships and 2 Champions League titles … indeed he deserves to become one of the great monuments of German football in particular and the world in general.