4. Carlo Ancelotti

Coach Ancelotti is the rare person to win the championship in three-quarters of Europe’s top leagues within a year. With a style of pompous football, but containing strong offensive maneuverability, his opponents will be quite hard against the students he leads in matches.

Along with that, he helps the teams he leads to win many noble titles like the Champions League and dozens of titles at the other club level. Ancelotti deserves to be a monument in the world of legendary coaches in the modern world.

5. Marcelo Lippi

Last 2019, coach Marcelo Lippi decided to retire after 46 years working with the world football industry. With more than 33 years of coaching, he has experienced many teams, but the most famous and successful are still Juventus, Inter, Napoli and the Italian national team. This is the most typical coach for effective kick style.

He dislikes players who are too pompous, whereas those with speed and stamina are his favorite choices. He is also a master in discovering new elements, many players are caught in the eye of this strategist and famous is not uncommon.

With more than 950 matches in all teams. He has a huge collection of trophies with 5 Serie A titles, 1 Coppa Italia title, 1 Champions League peak. Besides, he also won 3 championships in the Chinese National Championships and once climbed to the top of the world with the Italian national team in 2006. These have made him one of the coaches. Legend in the world football background.

6. Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni completed his journey into the temple of legendary coaches with the most successful coaches in the history of the Juventus club. Known for his skillful combination of skill and power, he was never biased towards anyone on the team. Anyone with talent is used effectively by him. It is this that made his extraordinary achievements in the matches. This is our sharing on the legendary coaches of world football.

Above is the list of top legendary football trainers in the world.