The secrets behind the success of Van de Beek have just been “revealed” by the Dutch coach, Rene Wormhoudt on Sky Sports channel. Wormhoudt is currently a fitness coach in the Netherlands. Before that, he was the one who put the new training method into application at the Ajax furnace during the first half of the decade. Wormhoudt has applied his new method to the young talent with Van de Beek as the face of the model.

The new method that Wormhoudt has applied at Ajax is to let the players practice other sports in addition to playing ball. Specifically for Van de Beek’s litter, Wormhoudt asked them to practice judo and badminton.

Why practice more badminton? Wormhoudt analyzed: “The practice of more badminton helps the players to be more responsive, their feet move better. Badminton also helps them get better eye-hand coordination. And once he has practiced badminton, the player’s ability to rotate from left to right as well as from right to left has also been significantly improved.

What about judo? Wormhoudt continued, “I have been practicing judo in particular and martial arts in general since childhood. And I point out that if you know how to fall properly, to keep your balance, you can become a better football player.

Why is the story of falling in the right way here? The correct fall here is not a fall to earn penalties. A right fall is a fall with the right technique to minimize the risk of pain and injury. Once you know the correct fall technique, you will no longer be afraid of falling, no more slips. Just look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He practiced martial arts. And he is not afraid of falling at all.

In addition, the practice of judo will be very beneficial for training the player’s strength. Generally speaking, if the players practice judo hard, the players will significantly reduce the risk of injury.